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27. Deutscher Krebskongress

Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e. V.

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Gynecologic Cancer

Meeting Abstract (OP337)

Financal calculation of a certified breast center – is there a the benefit?

Beckmann MW, Wagner S, Lux MP, Fasching PA, Universitätsbrustzentrum Franken
Meeting Abstract (OP338)

Improvement of prognosis of invasive ovarian cancer since 1988, especially in patients younger than 65 years of age: results of the Munich Cancer Registry

Hölscher G, Engel J, Hölzel D
Meeting Abstract (OP339)

Phase II trial of Docetaxel and Carboplatinum in recurrent platinum sensitive ovarian, peritoneal and tubal cancer - final results

Strauß HG, Henze A, Teichmann A, Karbe I, Baumgart A, Thomssen C, Kölbl H
Meeting Abstract (OP340)

A randomized multicenter Phase II study on neoadjuvant chemotherapy with Carboplatin and Docetaxel in advanced ovarian carcinomas (PRIMOVAR)

Park TW, Jänicke F, Ortmann O, Hilfrich J, Breitbach GP, Höss C, Möbus V, Dietrich K, Thomssen C, Kuhn W
Meeting Abstract (OP341)

Paclitaxel-carboplatin-gemcitabine (TCG) versus paclitaxel-carboplatin (TC) as first line treatment in women with ovarian cancer: A randomized phase III GCIG Intergroup study (AGO-OVAR 9, GINECO-TCG, NSGO-OC-0102)

Belau AK, Huober J, Heilmann V, Mueller HH, Burges A, Pfisterer J, Gropp M, Schröder W, Wimberger P, du Bois A
Meeting Abstract (OP342)

First-line treatment of ovarian cancer FIGO stage IIB–IV using Paclitaxel/Carboplatin (TC) vs. Paclitaxel/Carboplatin followed by Topotecan (TOP): mature results of a gynecologic cancer intergroup phase III trial of the ago ovar and gineco

Jackisch C, Jackisch C, Pujade-Lauraine E, Olbricht S, Moebus V, Quaas J, Schade-Brittinger C, Richter B, Schroeder W, Lueck HJ, Pfisterer J
Meeting Abstract (OP343)

Prognostic significance of antibodies to HPV-16 – L1 Virus Like Partikels (VLP) in the sera of patients with invasive cervical cancer

Ackermann S, Mehlhorn G, Fasching PA, Skiba D, Beckmann MW
Meeting Abstract (OP344)

Expression of focal adhesion kinase (pp125FAK) in patients with cervical cancer is associated with disease outcome

Gabriel B, zur Hausen A, Stickeler E, Dietz C, Gitsch G, Fischer DC, Bouda J, Tempfer C, Hasenburg A
Meeting Abstract (OP345)

Tspan-1 is strongly expressed by ovarian cancer cells

Deißler H, Scholz CJ, Sauer G, Koppold B, Kurzeder C, Kreienberg R, Deissler H
Meeting Abstract (OP346)

Disease processes may be reflected by correlations among tissue kallikrein proteases but not with proteolytic factors uPA and PAI-1 in primary ovarian carcinoma.

Dorn J, Harbeck N, Kates R, Magdolen V, Grass L, Soosaipillai A, Schmalfeldt B, Diamandis EP, Schmitt M
Meeting Abstract (OP347)

Frequently Altered Expression of Wnt Antagonists DKK Family in Ovarian Cancer

An H, Schröter C, Bieker M, Rose F, Gross M, Niederacher D, Engenhart-Cabillic R, An H
Meeting Abstract (PO348)

Finaly analyzes of biweekly schedule of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD) in 64 heavily pretreated patients with relapsed ovarian cancer (ROC)

Sehouli J, Oskay-Oezcelik G, Kuehne J, Huindenburg H, Klare P, Heinrich G, Schmalfeldt B, Mertens H, Camara O, Lichtenegger W
Meeting Abstract (PO349)

Combination therapy with pegliposomal doxorubicin and carboplatin in malignant gynecologic tumours. A prospective multicenter phase-II trial of the AGO-OVAR and the AGO Kommission Uterus

Harter P, Pfisterer J, Burchardi N, Loibl S, Huober J, Wimberger P, Burges A, Staehle A, Koelbl H, du Bois A
Meeting Abstract (PO350)

The Human Endogenous Retroviral gene Syncytin is induced in endometrial Hyperplasia by Tamoxifen via the Estrogen Receptor Pathway

Strick R, Ackermann S, Beckmann MW, Strissel PL
Meeting Abstract (PO351)

Phase II-Studie mit wöchentlich Docetaxel in Patientinnen mit fortgeschrittenem Endometriumkarzinom, AGO Uterus-4

Günthert A, Ackermann S, Kiesel L, Steiner E, Schröder W, Camara O, Mallmann P, Emons G
Meeting Abstract (PO352)

Caelyx 20 mg/m2 q2wks in platinum-refractory or early recurrent ovarian or peritoneal cancer - results from a phase II study

Persing M, Beau U, Kendzierski N, Karbe I, Strauss HG, Thomssen C
Meeting Abstract (PO353)

Expression of glycodelin in human ovarian cancer: immunohistochemistry and possible function

Jeschke U, Kunert-Keil C, Stahn R, Scholz C, Schumacher L, Janni W, Mylonas I, Schröder E, Kuhn C, Mayr D, Briese V, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PO354)

Clinical relevance of selected biochemical parameter within amniotic fluid as markers of the disordered pregnancy and under special consideration of Zytokines and Tumormarkers

Albrecht S, Köhler S, Büttner R, Zimmermann T, Kamin G, Albrecht S, Distler W
Meeting Abstract (PO355)

Expression of inhibin/activin subunits (alpha, betaA and betaB) in normal and carcinogenic endometrial tissue: possible immunohistochemical differentiation markers

Worbs S, Shabani N, Mayr D, Dian D, Kuhn C, Jeschke U, Friese K, Mylonas I
Meeting Abstract (PO356)

A multicenter NOGGO-feasibility study of neoadjuvant concomitant radio-chemotherapy with curative intention in locally advanced cervical carcinoma

Köhler G, Belau A, Nehmzow M, Bartz K, Breitsprecher R
Meeting Abstract (PO357)

Polymorphism of IL-1 α, IL-1 β and IL-10 in patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Braicu EI, Pirvulescu C, Mustea A, Könsgen D, Sehouli J, Lichtenegger W
Meeting Abstract (PO358)

Prognostic Role of Expression of IL-1 a, IL-1 b, IL-1 Ra and IL-10 in Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (OC)

Pirvulescu C, Braicu EI, Mustea A, Könsgen D, Sehouli J
Meeting Abstract (PO359)

Prognostic impact of micrometasases in pelvic lymph nodes in patients with carcinoma of the cervix uteri

Horn LC, Peter D, Hentschel B, Bilek K
Meeting Abstract (PO360)

Prognostic significance of inhibin/activin subunits (alpha, betaA and betaB) in human endometrial carcinoma: an immunohistochemical analysis of 294 cases

Mylonas I, Worbs S, Shabani N, Darius D, Mayr D, Kuhn C, Schulze S, Kunze S, Sommer H, Jeschke U, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PO361)

Localisation and prediction of lymph node metastases in ovarian cancer

Harter P, Gnauert K, Neugebauer B, Hils R, Buhrmann C, Traut A, Fisseler-Eckhoff A, du Bois A
Meeting Abstract (PO362)

Implementation of an interdisciplinary Online Tumor Conference as a new tool in the management of gynaecological cancers.

Chekerov R, Sehouli J, Schönerstedt-Zastrau K, Chekerov R, Böhmer D, Denkert C, Wieding A, Heinrich G, Ruhnke M, Lorsbach M, Lichtenegger W
Meeting Abstract (PO363)

HPV- infection in HIV-infected women as a tumor marker of recurrent cervical dyplasia

Gingelmaier A, Grubert T, Kästner R, Mylonas I, Weissenbacher T, Barthell E, Bergauer F, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PO364)

Expression of HPV, steroid receptors and inhibin/activin subunits in diverse parts of endometroid adenocarcinoma with squamous differentiation

Gutsche S, Mylonas I, Shabani N, Kuhn C, Kunze S, Jeschke U, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PO365)

Proliferation and Cell-Cell Fusion of Endometrial Carcinoma are induced by the Human Endogenous Retroviral Syncytin and regulated by TGF-β

Strick R, Ackermann S, Langbein M, Beckmann MW, Strissel PL
Meeting Abstract (PO366)

The results of a prospective study from expression of VEGF, VEGF-C, VEGF-D in patients with ovarian cancer

Sentschuk- Schmidt N, Mustea A, Koensgen D, Sehouli J, Lichtenegger W
Meeting Abstract (PO367)

Nutritional status of outpatients with gynaecologic cancer

Hollatz E, Kuhberg M, Loschen K, Sehouli J, Lichtenegger W
Meeting Abstract (PE368)

Management and course of histological verified cervical carcinoma in situ during pregnancy

Ackermann S, Mehlhorn G, Reissmann C, Beckmann MW
Meeting Abstract (PE369)

Feasibility and outcome of primary and adjuvant cervical cancer patients treatment with simultaneous Radio-Chemotherapy in an outpatient setting

Buhrmann C, Hils R, Prott FJ, Gnauert K, Traut A, du Bois A
Meeting Abstract (PE370)

Advanced Ovarian Cancer (OC) with Mainly Extraovarian Manifestation in a 22-Year Old Pregnant Patient: Diagnostic Issues

Belau AK, Bartz K, Hinken B, Schwesinger G, Koehler G
Meeting Abstract (PE371)

Prognostic impact of hemoglobin levels before and throughout a carboplatin/taxane-based chemotherapy on patients with primary epithelial ovarian cancer

Eichbaum M, Weiss L, Bruckner T, Gebauer G, Schneeweiss A, Fersis N, Sohn C
Meeting Abstract (PE372)

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Reality in Northern Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany). Suboptimal surgical treatment as the cause for inferior survival. A Retrospective Study of 139 Patients Receiving Chemotherapy and Palliative Care in an Oncology Group Practice.

Weide R, Arndt M, Pandorf A, Heymanns J, Thomalla J, Köppler H
Meeting Abstract (PE373)

Detection ofGene Amplification in Dysplastic Lesion of the Vulva and Cervix by FISH Analysis of Chromosome 3 - preliminary results

Gebauer G, Schleibaum J, Aulmann S, Sohn C, Sinn HP
Meeting Abstract (PE374)

Radiochemosensitivity testing (TRCA) in Gynecological Cancers

Albrecht S, Franz R, Zimmermann T, Doerfler A, Gatzweiler A, Distler W
Meeting Abstract (PE375)

Long term results of postoperative radiotherapy in carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Schüller P, Funk WK, Willich N