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57. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neuropathologie und Neuroanatomie (DGNN)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neuropathologie und Neuroanatomie

12. - 15.09.2012, Erlangen

Poster Presentations
Translational Neuropathology

Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.1)

Glasgow coma scale, brain computerized tomography and neurophysiological methods as prognostic factors of pediatric coma

Abdelsalam S
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.2)

Sequence of synaptogenesis in the human fetal cerebellar system

Sarnat HB, Flores-Sarnat L, Auer RN
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.3)

An autoimmune peripheral nerve model using a human non-myelin antigen

Crawford C, Hardwicke P
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.4)

SIL1expression levels in health and disease

Buchkremer S, Brauers E, Goswami A, Weis J, Roos A
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.5)

MYCN-amplified medulloblastomas: biological and clinical heterogeneity

Korshunov A, Remke M, Kool M, Hielscher T, Northcott PA, Wit H, Jones DTW, Ryzhova M, Benner A, Lichter P, von Deimling A, Pfister SM
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.6)

Central myelin-peripheral myelin transitional zone of the Nervus Intermedius. Features and importance for microsurgery in the cerebellopontine angle.

Alfieri A, Fleischhammer J, Peschke E, Strauss C
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.7)

ASA-404, a vascular disrupting agent, displays dichotomous anti-tumoral effects in intra- and extracerebral tumors

Gross S, Harter PN, Plate KH, Steinbach JP, Bähr O, Mittelbronn M
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.8)

Taxane treatment reduces peripheral tumor growth but is associated with increased CNS metastases in a murine model of HER2-positive breast cancer

Harter PN, Mischo A, Müller K, Kleber S, Zachskorn C, Renner C, Steeg PS, Pestalozzi B, Mittelbronn M
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.9)

Anti-tissue factor (TF9-10H10) treatment reduces tumor cell invasiveness in a novel migratory glioma model

Harter PN, Dützmann S, Drott U, Hattingen E, Capper D, Gessler F, Senft C, Seifert V, Plate KH, Kögel D, Mittelbronn M
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.10)

A novel Alu repeat-mediated in-frame deletion within the CACNA1F gene causes a unique phenotype combining features of CACNA1F associated retinopathies

Hauke J, Schild A, Neugebauer A, Fricke J, Lappas A, Beck B, Hahnen E
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP5.11)

CDK5RAP2 expression during murine and human brain development correlates with pathology in primary autosomal recessive microcephaly

Issa L, Krämer N, Rickert CH, Ninnemann O, Stoltenburg-Didinger G, Kaindl AM