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67. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Koreanischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (KNS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

12. - 15. Juni 2016, Frankfurt am Main

Vorträge Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016
DI.05 Joint Meeting 3: Stroke and Varia

Meeting Abstract (DI.05.01)

Keynote Lecture: The introduction of MRI guided high intensity focused ultrasound surgery for Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgery

Chang JW
Meeting Abstract (DI.05.03)

A simple prediction score system for malignant brain edema in middle cerebral artery infarction

Meeting Abstract (DI.05.04)

The role of vasa vasorum activities in human carotid atherosclerosis is associated with plaque development and vulnerability

Joo SP, Kim TS
Meeting Abstract (DI.05.05)

Predictors for good functional outcome after mechanical thrombectomy in acute cerebral artery occlusion

Park SK, Ro HW
Meeting Abstract (DI.05.06)

Epidemiology in Korea and long-term effect of surgery in Moyamoya disease

Oh CW, Kim JE, Cho WS, Seung BJ, Kim T
Meeting Abstract (DI.05.07)

1H-NMR based metabolomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid from adult bilateral moyamoya disease: comparison to unilateral moyamoya disease and atherosclerotic stenosis

Jeon JP, Kim JE, Cho WS, Kang HS, Oh CW, Son YJ, Yun T, Jin X, Park S
Meeting Abstract (DI.05.08)

Heterotypic interactions of glioblastoma cells with mesenchymal stem-like cells form microenvironment cues for tumor infiltration

Kang SG, Lim EJ, Suh Y, Lee JH, Kim EH, Chang JH, Kim SH, Kim P, Lee SJ
Meeting Abstract (DI.05.09)

Usefulness of three-dimensional measurement of ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament in patients with induced myelopathy

Lee N, Ji GY, Shin HC, Ha Y, Shin DA