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64. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

26. - 29. Mai 2013, Düsseldorf

DI.01 Main topic: Pituitary and skull base tumors 3

Meeting Abstract (DI.01.01)

Lymphocytic hypophysitis – an uncommon sellar pathology. Presentation of cases and review of the literature

Beseoglu K, Steiger HJ, Hänggi D
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.02)

Endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery: analysis of 287 cases

Conrad J, Ayyad A, Rezapour J, Oser M, Mayer M, Giese A
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.03)

Secondary transcranial resection of suprasellar pituitary adenomas after initial transsphenoidal operation

Hamalawi BE, Özkan N, Müller O, Schömberg T, Sure U, Sandalcioglu E
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.04)

Reconstruction of the anterior skull base by vital local autologous tissue transfer

Hindy NE, Müller OM, Hoffmann TK, Schuller P, Sure U, Sandalcioglu IE
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.05)

Endoscopic versus microscopic transsphenoidal resection of sellar pathologies: new and learning against the advanced expert

Engel D, Yetimoglu C, Lange H, Huscher K, Hildebrandt G, Fournier JY
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.06)

Intraoperative high-field MRI for resection control in elective transsphenoidal pituitary adenoma surgery in 110 consecutive patients

Geletneky K, Baba V, Scherer M, Beigel B, Bartsch A, Unterberg A
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.07)

3D endoscopy during surgery for perisellar pathologies

Gerlach R, Schönfelder C, Meyer A, Jacobi C, Rosahl S, Kellner G
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.08)

Is age a risk factor in transsphenoidal surgery? A monocentric, prospective analysis

Goerke SA, Freyschlag CF, Schubert GA, Thomé C, Seiz M
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.09)

Risk-adapted radiosurgery or (fractionated) stereotactic radiotherapy of nonsecretory pituitary adenomas leads to high local control with low toxicity – 10 years of experience with the Novalis system

Hamm K, Meyer A, Gerlach R, Surber G, Boström J
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.10)

Investigation of functional and structural changes of the nose after microsurgical treatment of pituitary tumors via the direct transnasal-transsphenoidal approach

Hondronikos N, Schrader M, Knappe UJ
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.11)

Contemporary microsurgical strategies and surgical results in Cushing's disease

Honegger J, Schmalisch K, Grimm F, Psaras T
Meeting Abstract (DI.01.12)

Intraoperative MRI for transsphenoidal pituitary surgery, a waste of time? A retrospective comparative study

Coburger J, Hlavac M, Seitz K, König R, Bäzner U, Wirtz CR