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56. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
3èmes journées françaises de Neurochirurgie (SFNC)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V.
Société Française de Neurochirurgie

07. bis 11.05.2005, Strasbourg

P15 Glioma 1

Meeting Abstract (P148)

Transcriptional activity of invasion-promoting factor ets-1 is regulated differently by wild-type and mutant p53 in glial tumors

Schlaffer SM, Pawlak E, Nadrowitz R, Kim E, Arnold H, Giese A
Meeting Abstract (P149)

Neural progenitor cell migration and differentiation is affected by anti-angiogenic compounds

Kirsch M, Senenko L, Knaute C, Heese O, Schackert G, Schackert HK
Meeting Abstract (P150)

Distribution of ezrin in interferon-gamma-induced apoptosis of primary glioblastoma cultures

Krupp W, Stoldt P, Goldammer A, Derouiche A, Meixensberger J, Geiger KD
Meeting Abstract (P151)

The tetracyclic antibiotic doxycyline downregulates MMP-expression in glioma cells in vitro and inhibts cell migration, proliferation and invasion

Meinhardt M, Dette K, Herbold C, Vince GH, Roosen K
Meeting Abstract (P152)

Modulation of Carboplatin chemotherapy and cytotoxicity of the nitric oxide donor Spermine-NO in glioma cells in vitro

Weyerbrock A, Baumer B, Papazoglou A
Meeting Abstract (P153)

Regulation of migration, proliferation and metabolism by A-Raf in glioblastoma cell-lines

Hagemann C, Meyer C, Werner B, Vince GH, Rapp UR, Roosen K
Meeting Abstract (P154)

EphrinB1 and EphB-receptor expression in human malignant gliomas and low grade astrocytomas

Kunkel P, Loges S, Meissner H, Westphal M, Lamszus K
Meeting Abstract (P155)

Widely accepted pericyte proteins are differentially expressed in human brain pericytes of healthy tissue from autopsy and glioma specimens of astrocytic lineage

Kuhn SA, Ebmeier K, Brodhun M, Reichart R, Katenkamp D, Kalff R
Meeting Abstract (P156)

Antagonization of PTPzeta by siRNA expression inhibits glioblastoma growth in vivo

Ulbricht U, Eckerich C, Fillbrandt R, Westphal M, Lamszus K
Meeting Abstract (P157)

Braintumor-uptake of Antisense-oligonucleotides against TGF-beta2, after coupling with nanoparticles coated with Polysorbate 80 in a rat glioma model

Becker A, Walz, C, Mawrin C, Firsching R, Schneider T
Meeting Abstract (P158)

Experimental therapy of malignant gliomas using MS-275 in vitro and ex vivo

Eyüpoglu IY, Hahnen E, Tränkle C, Blümcke I, Fahlbusch R