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56. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
3èmes journées françaises de Neurochirurgie (SFNC)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V.
Société Française de Neurochirurgie

07. bis 11.05.2005, Strasbourg

P01 Functional Neurosurgery - Functional Imaging

Meeting Abstract (P001)

Tumour resection with fiber tracking integrated neuronavigation of the pyramidal tract

Glaser M, Welschehold S, Dellani P, Tropine A, Stoeter P, Perneczky A
Meeting Abstract (P002)

Spherical cortex morphing for visualisation of functional MRI

Krishnan R, Hattingen E, Raabe A, Seifert V
Meeting Abstract (P003)

Electrophysiological proof of the correct display of the internal capsule with diffusion-weighted imaging during DBS surgery for Parkinson’s disease

Coenen VA, Fromm C, Kronenbürger M, Reinacher P, Becker R, Rohde V
Meeting Abstract (P004)

Advances in non-invasive tissue diagnosis of glioma grading using 1H-MR spectroscopy

Ganslandt O, Stadlbauer A, Buslei R, Fahlbusch R, Nimsky C
Meeting Abstract (P005)

Atypical right hemispheric language dominance in a right-handed male with a right frontal ganglioglioma determined by fTCD and fMRI

Haag A, Sure U, Knake S, Heinze S, Krakow K, Hamer HM
Meeting Abstract (P006)

Objective evaluation of lumbar spondylolisthesis in functional x-rays using RGB-Transformation

Dötterl A, Trappe AE
Meeting Abstract (P007)

Is fiber tract mapping with diffusion tensor MRI accurate enough for neurosurgical procedures?

Bürgel U, Amunts K, Schoth F, Gilsbach J
Meeting Abstract (P008)

CSF flow imaging in the acute phase of meningeal haemorrhage

Paradot G, Balédent O, Gondry-Jouet JC, Le GD