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21st Annual Meeting of the German Retina Society and 8th Symposium of the International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT)

German Retina Society
International Society of Ocular Trauma

19.06. - 22.06.2008, Würzburg

Surgical treatment of scleral ruptures with application of polyester materials

Meeting Abstract

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  • Rozna Gundorova - Moscow/Russia
  • N. Tkhelidze - Moscow/Russia

Retinologische Gesellschaft. International Society of Ocular Trauma. 21. Jahrestagung der Retinologischen Gesellschaft gemeinsam mit dem 8. Symposium der International Society of Ocular Trauma. Würzburg, 19.-22.06.2008. Düsseldorf: German Medical Science GMS Publishing House; 2008. DocISOTRG2008V022

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Published: June 18, 2008

© 2008 Gundorova et al.
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For the last 6 years the amount of severe eye injuries noticeably increased, among them scleral ruptures form 31,2% from blunt trauma.

Methods: 26 patients after trauma with scleral ruptures underwent various surgical procedures. During the surgery the ruptures of sclera were localized in 5,5-18 mm from the limbus, moreover in 11 cases deficiency of scleral tissue has been revealed. In 15 cases after suturing, the sclera was buckled by the polyester ophthalmologic cloth containing doxycycline (the sanction for clinical application 296-04 from 17.05.2004). In cases with deficiency of scleral tissue autoscleroplasty in our technique was made in combination with polyester ophthalmologic cloth buckling.

Results: In all cases germination of scleral ruptures was achieved. Average term of patient’s examination was 1,3 years. Exposure or tearing away of implant were not observed.

Conclusions: The described technique of surgery of scleral ruptures enables to avoid complications in the postoperative period. At autoscleraplasty with formation of rags of sclera and their fixing allow to close defect without a tension of a tissue; polyester implant promotes reliable hermetic sealing of a rupture, and doxycycline interferes with infectious complications that is very much a prominent aspect, especially at processing and reprocessing of ruptures. Also the offered technique, due to germination and gradual replacement of implant a connecting tissue, enables preventive maintenance of formation processing in a place of sclera damage in later terms after a trauma.