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104th DOG Annual Meeting

21. - 24.09.2006, Berlin

Program complex “Academician” in the treatment of strabismus and failures of the binocular vision

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  • I. Deryapa - National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine
  • O. Vitovska - National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine

Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft e.V.. 104. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft (DOG). Berlin, 21.-24.09.2006. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2006. Doc06dogP236

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Published: September 18, 2006

© 2006 Deryapa et al.
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To study the effectiveness of the medical diagnostic program complex “Academician” in the treatment of the concordant strabismus.


45 children at the age from 3,5 tо 16 years were examined. The diagnosis for 24 children of this group was an accommodative convergent strabismus; 16 people have earlier been operated on the occasion of nonaccomodative or partly accommodative concordant strabismus (11 – isotropy, 5 – exotropy) ; 6 children have got several operations in anamnesis: on the occasion of difficult kinds of strabismus, including that with a vertical component, muscle dissociation of the type of the hyperfunction of the lower oblique, “DVD-syndrome”. 38 children were observed to have a simultaneous character of the vision, while 8 had the monocular one. 40 Program complex “Academician” was used to form and strengthen the binocular vision. This complex was elaborated by the author group which is headed by Professor G.I. Rozhkova (Russian Institute of the Problems of the Transmission of Information).


Bifoveolar junction was elaborated in all cases. Positive fusion reserves grew from +4 tо +10 degrees in the process of treatment, negative – from -2 tо -5 degrees. Binocular vision is registered with 32 patients, 14 were observed to develop a stereo vision. Best results are revealed with the patients who had accomodational converging strabismus.


Results we obtained show a high effectiveness of the program complex “Academician” in the treatment of concordant strabismus and restoration of the binocular vision. result of the treatment, however, is influenced be several factors: the age of the patients, period of time from the beginnings of strabismus to the commencement of treatment, adequateness of the glass correction, presence of the vertical deviation etc.