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102. Jahrestagung der DOG

Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft e. V.

23. bis 26.09.2004, Berlin

Application of anti-CD20-antibody in the treatment of recurring conjunctival lymphoma

Meeting Abstract

  • corresponding author U. Wiehler - Augenklinik mit Poliklinik, Universität Heidelberg
  • T. Möhler - Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik, Universität Heidelberg
  • G. Mechtersheimer - Pathologisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg
  • H.E. Völcker - Augenklinik mit Poliklinik, Universität Heidelberg
  • S. Dithmar - Augenklinik mit Poliklinik, Universität Heidelberg

Evidenzbasierte Medizin - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit. 102. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft. Berlin, 23.-26.09.2004. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2004. Doc04dogP 192

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Published: September 22, 2004

© 2004 Wiehler et al.
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Rituximab is a monoclonal anti-CD20-antibody that has been used as monotherapy or in combination with chemotherapy for some subgroups of recurring non-hodgkin-lymphoma (follicular lymphoma, diffuse large lympoma). We present the first use of this antibody for recurring conjunctival lymphoma.


In a 41-year-old male patient a low grade B-cell lymphoma of the conjunctiva (extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of MALT-type with expression of CD20 and bcl-2) was diagnosed in 1990 and treated with radiotherapy (28 Gy). A recurrence on both sides in 1996 was again treated with radiotherapy (28 Gy). Another recurrence was treated with subconjunctival interferon in 1997. Further recurrences (1999, 2002, 2003) were treated with 15 courses of chemotherapy. Another histologically confirmed recurrence (10/2003) was treated with Rituximab 375mg/m2 intravenously once a week for 4 weeks (February 2004). After a slight allergic reaction after the first infusion the further treatment was well tolerated. After a period of 4 weeks a significant subjective improvement and an involution of the conjunctival lymphoma were remarked.


Treatment of recurring conjunctival lymphoma with anti-CD20-antibody seems to be promising.