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128. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

03.05. - 06.05.2011, München

Sitzungen am 05.05.2011
Onkologie: Therapie II

Meeting Abstract (11dgch627)

Oncolytic designer peptides as an therapy option to treat soft tissue sarcomas

Hauk J, Jacobsen F, Schubert C, Langer S, Stricker I, Al-Benna S, Shai Y, Steinau HU, Steinstraesser L
Meeting Abstract (11dgch628)

The synergistic antitumoral effect of TRAIL and Taurolidin on human fibrosarcoma in athymic nude mice

Emmelmann S, Steinsträsser L, Hirsch T, Görtz O, Lehnhardt M, Daigeler A
Meeting Abstract (11dgch629)

The orally available hedgehog inhibitor cyclopamine is a new effective chemotherapeutic agent in transgenic Rip1Tag2 mice

Wiese D, Rehm J, Waldmann J, Slater EP, Bartsch DK, Fendrich V
Meeting Abstract (11dgch630)

A novel antiangiogenetic approach for adjuvant therapy of pancreatic carcinoma

Joensson P, Hotz B, Dadras M, Buhr HJ, Hotz H
Meeting Abstract (11dgch631)

Radio guided surgery in neuroendocrine tumours with 68Ga-labeled somatostatin analogues – a pilot study

Kämmerer D, Prasad V, Baum RP, Hommann M
Meeting Abstract (11dgch632)

Non-invasive Monitoring of Sorafenib Effects on Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis by Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced CT Scans and Immunohistological Correlations

Schwarz EBF, Cyran CC, Paprottka PM, Sourbron S, von Einem J, Hinkel R, Dietrich O, Wintersberger B, Nikolaou K, Reiser MF, Jauch KW, Bruns CJ
Meeting Abstract (11dgch633)

Combination of ex vivo sentinel lymph node mapping and methylene blue assisted lymph node dissection in gastric cancer: a prospective and randomized study

Spatz JB, Arnholdt HM, Anthuber M, Märkl B