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128. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

03.05. - 06.05.2011, München

Sitzungen am 03.05.2011

Meeting Abstract (11dgch119)

Adipose derived stem cells enhance skin flap survival

Reichenberger M, Heimer S, Schaefer A, Müller W, Gebhard M, Pelzer M, Germann G, Leimer U, Köllensperger E
Meeting Abstract (11dgch120)

Locally applied VEGFA increases the osteogenic healing capacity of human adipose derived stem cells by promoting osteogenic and endothelial differentiation

Behr B, Tang C, Longaker MT, Quarto N
Meeting Abstract (11dgch121)

Cell-based therapies for renal ischemia-reperfusion injury: mesenchymal stem cells versus endothelial progenitor cells

Meyer A, Tischer A, Huber S, Bartenstein P, Jauch KW, Hacker M, Guba M, Andrassy J, Herrler T
Meeting Abstract (11dgch122)

Correlation of peripheral CD133+/CD45+ cells with the extend of liver regeneration and the stemness marker alpha feto protein after hepatic resection – role of HGF and CXCL12 for stem cell mobilisation

Duhme C, Wildner M, Schmelzle M, Krieg A, Fürst G, Bruns I, Eisenberger C, Topp S, Stoecklein N, Knoefel W, Schulte am Esch J
Meeting Abstract (11dgch123)

Progenitor cell homing in the postischemic myocardium: just an unmotivated pitstop in the microcirculation?

Schramm R, Tuche F, Körbel C, Bouskela E, Menger MD