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Figure 4: An overview of the categories and their frequencies developed for each open-ended question is shown. Panel A: Participants reported job strain (37.5%) and uncertainty (30%) as the most common causes for their burden, followed by care for people (23.8%), psychosocial strain (16.3%), and risk of infection (12.5%). Panel B: Participants reported psychosocial support by family and friends (64.3%) as well as leisure time (45.3%) as important resources, followed by psychosocial support at work (22.6%), personal resilience factors (13.1%), and religion (6%). Panel C: 51% of the participants wished for a better infrastructure adjustment to COVID-19 at the hospital. Other suggestions for improvement comprised better communication (20.3%), more monetary compensation (20.3%), more leisure time compensation (13.9%), adequate protective equipment (20.3%), and better psychosocial support (20.3%).