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Figure 2: Comparison of the spectra of a radiator with water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) and of the sun measured under a cloudless sky in June at noon at sea level in the subtropics and of two different halogen radiators without water-filter for therapeutic and wellness applications (with kind permission of Dr. Helmut Piazena, Charité Berlin; from [29]).

The presented irradiances of the wIRA radiator and of the two different halogen radiators cause the same skin surface temperature rise in humans (temperature-related equivalence of the irradiations). The presented solar irradiance is near the maximum possible value in the subtropics at noon in midsummer on the surface of the Earth at sea level with cloudless sky. The relations between the four presented spectra are therefore realistic.

A typical wIRA radiator emits no ultraviolet radiation (UV) and almost no infrared-B and infrared-C radiation (less than 0.5% compared to 50–80% infrared-B and infrared-C in conventional infrared radiators without water-filter) (details in [29]).