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Figure 12: Example of a successful treatment of recurrent wound seromas with wIRA

A 64 year-old female patient had relapsing wound seromas and wound hematomas (without infection) after a hip operation (replacement of the acetabulum part of a 15 year-old endoprosthesis) even after an additional operation with the sole intention of stopping the wound seromas and after approximately 8 aspirations of seroma fluid (up to approximately 90 mL within one aspiration) within 2 months, and a third operation was seriously considered: Figure A shows the sonographic state. At that time, wIRA(+VIS) irradiation was commenced, beginning with 30 minutes twice per day and increasing up to 3 times one hour per day. Within a few days the seroma no longer increased as usual; after approximately one week a slight decrease of seroma size was noticed clinically (Figure B). Figure C shows reduced seroma size after 18 days and Figure D after 29 days. After approximately 2 months the seroma had resolved completely (both clinically and sonographically) without any aspiration of seroma fluid or operation since commencement of wIRA(+VIS) irradiation (sonographic pictures published with kind approval of Dr. Michael Paulus, Herzogenaurach, Germany) (from [2]).