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Figure 14: Example of the healing process of a chronic venous stasis ulcer of the lower leg under therapy with wIRA

88 year-old woman with an infected (lightly malodorous) crustaceous ulcer (of the right distal medial lower leg), which had persisted for 13 months and had increased despite conservative dermatological therapy including local antisepsis, systemic antibiotic, and non-adhesive wound dressing up to 10 cm in diameter. Chronic venous insufficiency with marked stasis-related edemas of the lower legs and extensive stasis dermatitis, diabetes mellitus type II (orally treated), slightly overweight, and decreased amount of daily motion. Under irradiation with wIRA(+VIS) 30 minutes once daily, compression therapy, local antisepsis, non-adhesive wound dressing and the possibility of ending the systemic antibiotic therapy, a complete wound closure was achieved within 4 months:

initial findings, result after 3 months, result after 4 months (healed) (adapted from [3], [4])