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International Conference on SARS - one year after the (first) outbreak

08. - 11.05.2004, Lübeck

Oral Presentations
Session VIII: Diagnostics

Talk (04sars8.02)

Identification and molecular detection of SARS coronavirus

Drosten C
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Talk (04sars8.03)

Test systems for the detection of coronavirus causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV)

Sonnenberg K, Hennig H, Yan H, He Z, Niedrig M, Pfeiffer T, Steinhagen K, Arp B, Schlumberger W, Stöcker W
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Talk (04sars8.05)

Evaluation of antibody responses against SARS coronaviral nucleocapsid or spike proteins by immunoblotting or ELISA

Huang LR, Chiu CM, Yeh SH, Huang WH, Hsueh PR, Yang JY, Su IJ, Chang SC, Chen PJ
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Talk (04sars8.06)

A serologic diagnose and study on SARS antibody of four newly occurred confirmed SARS cases in 2003-2004 in Guangdong, P.R.China

Fang L, Li H, Diao LM, Zhou HQ, Huang JC, Wan ZY, Lin JY
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Talk (04sars8.07)

Laboratory diagnosis for SARS: an overview

Chan PKS
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Talk (04sars8.08)

Results of the 1st external quality assurance for SARS new coronavirus diagnostic PCR and serology

Niedrig M, Lim W, Doerr HW, Peiris M, Zambon M, Leitmeyer K, Mackenzie J, Drosten C, Stöhr K
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Talk (04sars8.09)

RT-LAMP method provides a simple, rapid and specific detection system for SARS-CoV RNA

Notomi T, Taguchi F, Kanda H, Minekawa H, Itamura S, Odagiri T, Tashiro M
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