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International Conference on SARS - one year after the (first) outbreak

08. - 11.05.2004, Lübeck

Oral Presentations
Session VI: Molecular Biology

Talk (04sars6.01)

The nidovirus connection: RNA synthesis in coronaviruses and arteriviruses

Snijder EJ, and others
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Talk (04sars6.02)

Characterization of the 3a protein of SARS-associated coronavirus in infected Vero E6 cells and SARS patients

Sun B, Wu J, Zeng R, Yang RF
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Talk (04sars6.03)

Maturation and proteolytic processing of severe ccute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-associated coronavirus spike protein

Eickmann M, Kursawe J, Kern A, Stadler K, Sun B, Sheng Y, Harada T, Rappuoli R, Klenk HD, Becker S, Garten W
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Talk (04sars6.04)

Expression, characterisation and antibody binding of the SARS CoV spike protein

Yao YX, Ren J, Heinen P, Samuel D, Zamdon M, Jones IM
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Talk (04sars6.07)

Limited variation in SARS coronavirus S and N protein genes observed by direct sequencing from patient’s original clinical specimens

Tong S, Lingappa JR, Chen Q, Shu B, Lamonte AC, Cook BT, Birge C, Chern SWW, Liu X, Galloway R, Mai LQ, Ng WF, Yang JY, Butany J, Comer JA, Monroe SS, Beard RS, Ksiazek TG, Erdman D, Rota PA, Pallansch MA, Anderson LJ
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Talk (04sars6.08)

Biological and molecular characterization of the SARS coronavirus HSR1 isolate

Vicenzi E, Pinna D, Pacciarini F, Ghezzi S, Canducci F, Poli G, Clementi M
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