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4th Research in Medical Education (RIME) Symposium 2015

19.03-21.03.2015, München

Poster Presentations – PhD/MME Research Day
Poster Session 1

Meeting Abstract (RD11)

Scaffolding the development of medical students’ ward round scripts using engagement and sequence reflection prompts in a computer-supported learning environment

Beltermann E, Kollar I, Fischer MR
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Meeting Abstract (RD12)

Unravelling elements of quality culture(s) in higher education

Bendermacher G, Dolmans D, oude Egbrink M, Wolfhagen I
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Meeting Abstract (RD13)

Under which conditions can multisource-feedback improve clinical performance: development of a model using a mixed-method-approach

Hennel EK, Nouns ZM, Berendonk C, Huwendiek S
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Meeting Abstract (RD14)

Does peer-to-peer dialogue improve understanding of teachers’ written feedback and enhance academic writing?

Schillings M, Roebertsen H, Savelberg H, Dolmans D
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Meeting Abstract (RD15)

“In situ” versus “off site” simulation: Healthcare professionals’ experience of simulation-based learning; a qualitative study

Sorensen JL, Navne LE, Martin HM, Ottesen B, Albrechtsen CK, Pedersen BW, van der Vleuten C
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Meeting Abstract (RD16)

Under which circumstances is workplace-based assessment effective? Development of a model using a mixed method approach

Lörwald AC, Nouns ZM, Berendonk C, Huwendiek S
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