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10th Munich Vascular Conference

01.-03.12.2021, online

Short communications on venous diseases and vascular malformations

Meeting Abstract (14)

Endovenous electric welding for management of large diameter varicose veins

Chekhlov M, Chernukha L, Horbovets V, Stolyarchuk E, Bulatova L
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Meeting Abstract (15)

Chronic Venous Insufficiency Symptoms and Inflammatory Markers

Karam L, Tabet G
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Meeting Abstract (16)

Sulodexide for superficial vein thrombosis treatment and secondary VTE prophylaxis

Machusky S, Voloshyn O, Gubka V, Suzdalenko O
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Meeting Abstract (17)

Mixed management of post-sclerotherapy hyperpigmentation

Suzdalenko O, Voloshyn O, Gubka V, Machusky S
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Meeting Abstract (18)

Management of Acute Bleeding Varicose Veins

Kamhawy A
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Meeting Abstract (19)

Aspiration thrombectomy in treatment flotating DVT

Khrebtiy Y, Chernukha L
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Meeting Abstract (20)

Advanced Endovascular Technique for Treatment Iliocaval Occlusion (Post Thrombotic Syndrome) – Case Report

Kipiani V, Bokuchava M, Kipiani K
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Meeting Abstract (21)

Primary patency rate with Paclitaxel coated balloon angioplasty versus covered stenting of failed arteriovenous grafts: a retrospective comparative study

Rizk M
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Meeting Abstract (22)

Mutisystemic Presentation of May-Thurner and Nutcracker Syndromes – Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Neurologic, and Orthopedic-like – Symptoms that Improve or Resolve After Intervention

Kim K
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