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10th Munich Vascular Conference

01.-03.12.2021, online

PAD 1: Imaging and medical advances in PAD

Meeting Abstract (04)

Dose Management Capabilities of Digital Variance Angiography: 70% Decrease of DSA-related Radiation Exposure in Lower Limb X-ray Angiography

Gyánó M, Csobay-Novák C, Góg I, Legeza P, Mihály Z, Kiss J, Szigeti K, Osváth S, Pataki Á, Juhász V, Oláh Z, Nemes B, Sótonyi P
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Meeting Abstract (05)

Infra-inguinal bypass graft surveillance is an opportunity to optimise statin and antiplatelet therapy to reduce 12-month major amputation and mortality rates

Laloo R, Gadsby G, Jauniaux B, Bailey M, Scott J
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