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4th InVeST – International Veterinary Simulation in Teaching Conference

14.09. - 16.09.2015, Hannover

Topic: Skills + Simulation 2

Meeting Abstract (15invest18)

Using computer simulation to enhance learning in a clinical skills laboratory environment

Balogh M, Müller L, Cseh S, Johnson T, Pion P
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Meeting Abstract (15invest19)

Best methods for surgical planning with 3D printing

Malinowski R
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Meeting Abstract (15invest20)

The OPUSheep - Development of an interactive 3-dimensional sheep ultrasound examination simulator

Irons PC, Spyridis A, Maharaj BTJ (S), Annandale A
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Meeting Abstract (15invest21)

First veterinary simulator for the abdominal sonography of the cat – with focus on kidneys

Weber S, Zandt E, Radtke J, Poulsen Nautrup C, Reese S
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Meeting Abstract (15invest22)

The world’s first simulator for echocardiographic examinations in cats

Zandt E, Decker J, Weber S, Wölfel I, Poulsen Nautrup C
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