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4th InVeST – International Veterinary Simulation in Teaching Conference

14.09. - 16.09.2015, Hannover

Topic: Teaching and Learning

Meeting Abstract (15invest12)

Validating the use of low-cost simulation models and online instructional modules to teach asepsis

Motta T, Silveira C, Carter B, McLoughlin M
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Meeting Abstract (15invest13)

Did unsupervised practice of clinical pathology procedures in a Skills Laboratory improve examination confidence and performance?

Annandale A, Goddard A, Scheepers E
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Meeting Abstract (15invest14)

vetPAL: A student led peer-assisted learning initiative

Bates L, Pither Z, Warman S, Baillie S
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Meeting Abstract (15invest15)

Using a video as a new tool to disseminate the best teaching alternatives to the harmful use of animals in veterinary education in Latin America

Gebara R, Bengoa V, Clarke N, De Vere R, Anzuino J, Kareem R, Proctor H, Garder G
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Meeting Abstract (15invest16)

Analyzing the demand for video material in veterinary education

Müller L, Tipold A, Kleinsorgen C, Schaper E
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Meeting Abstract (15invest17)

Evaluation of clinical skills training in veterinary education using audio-visual instructional animations and low-fidelity models

Bernigau D, Aulmann M, Schmalz S, Mülling C
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