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Learning through Inquiry in Higher Education: Current Research and Future Challenges (INHERE 2018)

08.03. - 09.03.2018, München

Short Communications

Meeting Abstract (05)

Investigating Scientific Reasoning & Argumentation and Statistical Literacy in Higher Education: The Role of Domain and Study Progress

Berndt M, Schmidt F, Sailer M, Fischer F, Fischer M, Zottmann J
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Meeting Abstract (06)

Trajectories of Change in Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Student Misbehavior in the Classroom

Can I, Gokalp G
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Meeting Abstract (07)

The Institutional Framework of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) in German Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

Dinter J
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Meeting Abstract (08)

An integrative model for “teaching-based inquiry”? Advancing the debate of how to link teaching and research for the mutual benefit of students and scholars

Fischer M
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Meeting Abstract (10)

Encouraging student-driven clinical research in Germany: The CHIR-Net SIGMA network

Friedrich M, Kopp A, Frey PE, Rädeker L, Fink C, Neudecker J, Mihaljevic AL
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Meeting Abstract (11)

Assessing Student Learning in Undergraduate Research Programs

Galli D
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Meeting Abstract (13)

Looking underneath the umbrella. About the variance of meanings of ‚Learning by research’

Huber L
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Meeting Abstract (14)

“MoBi4all” – live from the lab and back

Kaufmann D
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Meeting Abstract (15)

“I can’t tell where the journey will end, but I know where to start”: Learning through inquiry-based internships in Bachelor of Psychology

Kedzior KK
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Meeting Abstract (16)

Fostering of theory application competences in student teachers: Effects of an inquiry-based seminar concept and instructional support during testing on qualities of applicable knowledge

Klein M, Wagner K, Klopp E, Stark R
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Meeting Abstract (17)

Empirical evidence for research-driven teaching and learning

Langemeyer I, Schlindwein N
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Meeting Abstract (18)

A Novel Approach for the Analysis of Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation in Clinical Case Discussions

Lenzer B, Ghanem C, Weidenbusch M, Fischer M, Zottmann J
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Meeting Abstract (19)

Learning theory through practice: Publishing of undergraduate research in psychology

Meixner J, Gerkensmeier I, Kedzior KK
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Meeting Abstract (20)

How do concepts of research affect inquiry-based learning?

Mieg H
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Meeting Abstract (21)

Inquiry-based learning: lecturers’ and universities’ perspectives

Mojescik K, Richter C, Pflüger J
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Meeting Abstract (22)

Scientific Inquiry in Health Sciences Education: Analyzing Junior Faculty’s Teaching Portfolios

Musaeus P
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Meeting Abstract (23)

Research-Oriented Learning in Teacher Education by Professional Simulation

Riegger M
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Meeting Abstract (24)

How do students learn through research? – Operating between know-how, methods, and attitudes

Rubel K
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Meeting Abstract (25)

Explorative vs classical practical course – How to inspire scientific thinking in medical students

Schubert R, Zavaritskaya O, Eckel J, Schüttpelz-Brauns K
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Meeting Abstract (26)

Developing international networks of undergraduate inquirers in higher education

Spronken-Smith R, Sandover S, Partridge L
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Meeting Abstract (27)

Research-related formats at universities in Germany

Stang T
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Meeting Abstract (28)

Problems of Evidence-based Educational Practice and Approaches to Fostering Educational Literacy

Stark R
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Meeting Abstract (29)

Using metaphors in the beginners' courses to promote competencies in higher education

Wahl R
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Meeting Abstract (30)

Which competencies can be acquired through research-based learning? – Results from a pre-post analysis in 74 university courses

Wessels I, Rueß J, Deicke W, Jenßen L
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Meeting Abstract (31)

Research on Inquiry-based Learning in Teacher Education

Weyland U, Fichten W
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Meeting Abstract (32)

Orientation and Motivation by Combining Research Based Learning and Orientation Studies

Yenice Campbell Z, Schmitt FJ, Schröder C, Moldenhauer M, Zipfel SB, Friedrich T
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Meeting Abstract (33)

Student-Centered Learning Environment for Self-Regulated Project-Based Learning in Higher Education: A Qualification/Selection Study

Zarouk MY, Restivo F, Khaldi M
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Meeting Abstract (34)

The Humboldtian Ideal of Higher Education – Undergraduate Research-based Learning in Political Science

Zettl C, Nikolopoulos I
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