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14th Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH), 11th Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT)

17.06. - 21.06.2019, Berlin

EP19 ePoster Elbow Forearm

Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-221)

Clinical Manifestation of Symptomatic Fishtail Deformity

Horii E, Hamada Y, Toyama K, Koh S, Otuka J
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-239)

Clinical outcome of the radial head and neck fracture treated by headless screw fixation

Yano K, Kaneshiro Y, Sasaki R, Hyun S, Sakanaka H
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-484)

Revision arthroscopic surgery for tennis elbow

Wada T, Saito A, Oda T
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-856)

Treatment of fracture dislocation of the elbow with Regan-Morrey Type I/II coronoid fracture: A retrospective analysis of clinical results

Hyun S, Kaneshiro Y, Sasaki R, Yano K, Sakanaka H
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-870)

Functional assessment, quality of life and associated complications of radial head prosthesis. Experience of our center

Llarena Barroso C, Oteo JA, Merino P, Jiménez P, Garcia Lazaro FJ
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-950)

Ulnar neuropathy at the elbow in 413 Japanese patients: an assessment of pathological elbow lesions and neurological severity

Sato N, Okita G, Uchiyama S, Matsui Y, Wakabayashi Y, Ishii S, Kuniyoshi K, Hirachi K, Kato H
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1191)

Usefulness of preoperative MRI in pediatric Monteggia fractures

Suzuki K, Horiki M, Nishimoto S, Nakagawa R
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1195)

Essex Lopresti Fracture-Dislocation

Pereira D, Rodrigues V, Machado L, Ferreira C, Pina C, Sá A
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1212)

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at The Cubital Tunnel. To Transpose Widely or not to Transpose at all?

Pereira D, Figueiredo S, Rodrigues V, Ferreira C, Sá A
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1275)

Early pin removal for pediatric radial neck fracture treated by percutaneous pin fixation

Choi WS, Lee KH, Kim JH, Lee CH, Kim SJ, Cho JH
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1492)

One-bone forearm technique for chronic post-traumatic forearm instability: a case report

Puig De La Bellacasa I, Quintas S, Salvador J, Castillon P, Abarca J
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1685)

Posteromedial dislocation of the elbow with lateral humeral condyle fracture in children – Arthrography is useful for distinguishing between dislocation or epiphyseal separation

Tsuzawa K, Kawasaki K, Inagaki K
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1739)

Reinsertion of distal biceps tendon through a mini invasive anterior approach: our experience

Massarella M, Piccirilli E
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1978)

Radiological analysis to determine risk factors for aseptic loosening in the linked-type total elbow arthroplasty

Nishikawa H, Inagaki K, Ikeda J, Kawasaki K, Tomita K, Nishinaka N
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1321)

Histological examination of osteochondritis dissectans of the elbow

Takahara M, Harada M, Maruyama M, Uno T, Kondo M, Satake H, Takagi M
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1445)

Professional violinist biomechanical and electrophysiological wrist and forearm muscles evaluation

Jokiel M, Bochenek M, Czarnecki P, Romanowski L
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1335)

Predictive factors for severe post-operative chronic pain after surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome

Nyman E, Giöstad A, Räntfors R, Nyman T
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-824)

Functional outcome of stage surgical treatment of nonunions of the distal humerus

Kurinnyi I, Strafun A
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-126)

Endoscopically assisted distal biceps tendon repair

Jarrett P
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1271)

Unusual Case of Persistent Choreiform Movements of the Upper Limb after Elbow Injury

Giurgiu RA, Maciuceanu-Zarnescu MB, Cristea F, Ghiea S, Iordache M, Iordache S, Vancea CV
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-376)

Type C distal humerus fractures. A 15-year experience in a demanding surgical issue

Athanaselis E, Deligeorgis D, Komnos G, Antoniou I, Varitimidis S, Malizos K
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1781)

Outcome of terrible triad injury of the elbow: do concomitant fractures make a difference?

Krasnici S, Krüger K, Zendeli F, Ertel W, Fassola I
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1023)

The flexion-pronation provocation test. A new test for distal biceps tendon pathology

Caekebeke P, Van Riet R
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1210)

The incidence of distal ulna fractures by classification

Moloney M, Farnebo S, Adolfsson L
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-300)

Long term outcome of open reduction and internal fixation of distal humeral nonunions in the older age patient

Jupiter J
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-735)

Simultaneous bilateral distal biceps tendon avulsions: Simultaneous versus staged repairs. A report of two cases and literature review

Braga Jacques Gonçalves L, Rodrigues Costa M
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1675)

Bilateral idiopathic radioulnar synostosis

Deschuyffeleer S, De Schrijver F
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-483)

The treament of the chronic lateral epicondilytis by denervation of the lateral humeral epicondyle: technique and results

Vilela L, Chamon H, Abu Kamel F, Heringer T, Faria L
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1925)

Single Incision Repair of Distal Biceps Tendon Ruptures – Results & Complications

Imbriglia J, Glenn Buterbaugh G, Hagberg W
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-381)

Acute Compartment Syndrome of Upper Limb Requiring Emergency Wide Range Fasciotomy Caused by Suction Injury. A Case Report

Shibayama M, Hirayama J, Fujita K, Yamazaki H, Morikawa T
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1850)

Forearm Corrective Osteotomy pitfalls: What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong!

Schwameis E, Chochole M
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-330)

Persistent Medial Subluxation of the Ulna with Radiotrochlear Articulation

Kachooei AR, Ring D
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-752)

Complications of semi constrained total elbow arthroplasty in non-rheumatoid patients: lessons learned with application in an active population with biomechanically restrictive implants

Seitz W
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