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14th Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH), 11th Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT)

17.06. - 21.06.2019, Berlin

PS148 Assessment 2

Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-594)

Validity and responsiveness of strength measurements in the assessment of Distal radioulnar joint arthroplasty

Axelsson P, Kärrholm J
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-724)

The usefulness of Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) in patients with shoulder disorders

Amako M, Isaji M, Yamada M, Fujimaki R, Kondo S, Chiba K
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-802)

Preoperative Two Point Discrimination Predicts Response to Carpal Tunnel Release

Wessel L, Ekstein C, Marshall D, Fufa D, Osei D
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1233)

HISS score and modified vascular HISS score correlation with short and long-term outcomes in complex hand injuries: a retrospective preliminary study

Senesi L, De Francesco F, Gigante A, Riccio M
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1261)

Pianists most common hand and wrist disorders as effect of forearm muscle overload

Jokiel M, Zuchowski P, Czarnecki P, Romanowski L
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1279)

Price of a finger

Van M, Ghini F, Mallina R, Jose R
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1281)

Improving management of NORSE hand referrals by introducing one-click digital advice template: A study of 100 cases in a tertiary hand trauma unit

Van M, Foster M
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1403)

Playing-related disorders among professional violinist

Bochenek M, Jokiel M, Czarnecki P, Romanowski L
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1752)

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Recurrence Assessment SCORE (RASc)

Gmainer DG, Brinskelle P, Kotschar S, Michelitsch B, Kamolz LP, Lumenta DB
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1027)

A Modern Adaptation to the Ten Test for the Assessment of Digital Nerves

Parthiban S, Foster M, Ghalli D
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1780)

The United Kingdom experience of trainee led multicentre prospective studies in hand surgery

Gardiner M, Rodrigues J, Jain A
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1206)

What PROMs measure in Dupuytren’s disease: unrecognised issues unmasked by combining PROMs with the Aachen item banking protocol

Rodrigues J, Gibbons C, Zhang W, Scammell B, Russell P, Chakrabarti I, Fullilove S, Davidson D, Davis T
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1640)

A Single Score as a Comprehensive Outcome Measure for the Wrist

Vögelin E, Wollstein R, Ewald SG
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