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14th Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH), 11th Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT)

17.06. - 21.06.2019, Berlin

PS31 Diagnostic Value – Short Papers

Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-298)

What are the ultrasound features of the trigger finger that may guide management?

Chuang XL, Lim Z, McGrouther DA
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-998)

Establishing National Diagnostic Reference Levels for Mini C-arm Use, St John’s Hospital Livingston

Rust P, McCann M
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1207)

The reliability of tomosynthesis for Heberden’s node

Matsuta M, Tada K, Nakajima T, Nakada M, Tsuchiya H
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1226)

The role of nerve conduction studies in diagnosing and staging of the carpal tunnel syndrome

Shammat A, Gyebnar V, Mastacaneanu M, Popa I, Romanescu V
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1087)

Do we need electrophysiological measurements for the diagnostics of carpal tunnel syndrome

Lenkei B, Lakatos A, Szabo Z
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-635)

Severity diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome using sagittal view of MRI

Yamada M, Amako M, Fujimaki R, Isaji M, Kondo S, Arino H, Chiba K
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1501)

Ultrasound in carpal tunnel syndrome – the inlet and outlet ratio

Stefanie H, Vögelin E
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-907)

Sonoelastography in carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis: A Systematic Review of diagnostic value

Lee CH, Lin YT
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1477)

Validity of the “scratch collapse test” for the diagnosis of the carpal tunnel syndrome

García-Medrano B, Simón Pérez C, Ocampos Hernández M, Corella Montoya MÁ, Martín-Ferrero MÁ, Delgado Serrano PJ, Corella Montoya F
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-236)

Collateral ligament injuries of the metacarpophalangeal joint in long fingers. Results of a series of 20 patients. Presentation of a new clinical test

Meyer Zu Reckendorf G, Kientzi M, Rouzaud JC
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1528)

Is skyline view accurate for detecting protruded screw in volar plate fixation of distal radius fracture? Compared with intraoperative mobile-mini CT

Lim K, Kwon BT, Kang H
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-818)

Echogenicity of palmar Dupuytren nodules is not a predictor of disease progression in terms of increase in nodule size

Molenkamp S, Broekstra DC, Werker PMN
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-820)

The reliability of sonographic measurement of early palmar Dupuytren nodules

Molenkamp S, Van Straalen R, Werker PMN, Broekstra DC
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Meeting Abstract (IFSSH19-1756)

The musicians’ hand – A survey focusing on the challenges in diagnostics and therapy

Holzer S, Riebl B, Bertsch M, Thalhammer G, Krusche-Mandl I
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