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82nd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

01.06. - 05.06.2011, Freiburg

Aerodigestive tract

Meeting Abstract (11hno01)

A new modification of vocal chord prothesis

Al Kadah B, Bader CA, Bumm K, Schneider M, Schick B
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Meeting Abstract (11hno02)

Etiology of tonsilloliths – a case report

Bachor E, Godøy K, Messelt EB
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Meeting Abstract (11hno03)

Choristoma as a rare neoplasia of the larynx

Gebhardt B, Arens C
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Meeting Abstract (11hno04)

Bleeding after tonsillectomy – a retrospective analysis considering postoperative analgesia

Kohl J, Drüg-Skamel S, Begall K
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Meeting Abstract (11hno05)

Development and testing of a new individualized stomabutton on the basis of digitized data

Müller R, Meißner H, Böttcher G, Kant L, Jatzwauk L, Reitemeier B
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Meeting Abstract (11hno06)

An occult, retained foreign body parapharyngeal

Reuter B, Lochner P, Böger D
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Meeting Abstract (11hno07)

The Austrian Tonsil Study 2010

Sarny S, Ossimitz G, Habermann W, Stammberger H
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Meeting Abstract (11hno08)

Combination MTD and metronomic chemotherapy – a better way to organ preservation and remission in advanced HNSCC?

Schedler M, Christoph D
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