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81st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

12.05. - 16.05.2010, Wiesbaden


Meeting Abstract (10hno039)

Subjective evaluation of music perception with two generations of Cochlear-Implantat-Systems

Adams D, Brendel M, Kreibohm K, Ruehl S, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno040)

Stapedotomy performed with microdrill technique for otosclerosis: hearing results and complications

Alharbi F, Spreng M, Issing P
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Meeting Abstract (10hno041)

Suitability of Auditory Speech Sound Evaluation (A§E-Test) in cochlear implant patients

Arweiler-Harbeck D, Janeschik S, Teschendorf M, Bagus H
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Meeting Abstract (10hno042)

Otosclerosis and tinnitus – effect of the laser-assisted stapedotomy on preoperative cases of tinnitus

Bast F, Mazurek B, Schrom T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno043)

Modulations of the vaccination schedule for prophylaxis of pneumococcal meningitis after cochlear implantation

Bischof F, Langer J, Begall K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno044)

3D reconstruction of the cochlea with implanted electrode

Böhnke F, Braun K, Stark T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno045)

Electrically evoked cortical auditory potentials in Cochlear Implant listeners in comparison to speech performances

Danilkina G, Hoppe U, Zenk J, Iro H
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Meeting Abstract (10hno046)

Gentamicin alters the expression patterns of the endothelial and inducible nitric oxide synthases in the cochlea of the guinea pig

Fischer I, Ulf-Rüdiger H, Bastian A, Grether B, Elsner S, Brieger J, Mann W, Helling K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno047)

NRT responses without hearing sensation – a case study

Gärtner L, Büchner A, Joseph G, Neuburger J, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno048)

Comparative upgrade from Baha® Compact to Baha® BP 100

Giere T, Salcher RB, Lenarz M, Mojallal H, Neben N, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno049)

Open-set speech recognition of early deafened adults who received a cochlear implant

Giourgas A, Lenarz T, Lesinski-Schiedat A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno050)

Long term results of type I and type III palisade cartilage tympanoplasty

Gostian AO, Neumann A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno051)

Indication criteria for cochlear implants and hearing aids: new approaches

Haumann S, Herzke T, Hohmann V, Lenarz T, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Büchner A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno052)

A novel method of estimation of otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) in high frequency range and possible medical applications

Hecker D, Schick B, Bader CA, Delb W
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Meeting Abstract (10hno053)

Comparative study of the new audio processor Amadé versus hearing aids on patients with moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss

Hinze AL, Mojallal H, Giere T, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno054)

Cochlear Implantation in a rural area

Issing PR, Spreng M, Köhler T, Alharbi F, Hammersen JJ
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Meeting Abstract (10hno055)

Pitch discrimination of ABI patients

Joseph G, Rost U, Büchner A, Lenarz M, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno056)

The effect of a multimodal 7-day outpatient tinnitus therapy on the concentration of salivary cortisol in patients with chronic tinnitus

Khan S, Zirke N, Hähnel A, Szczepek A, Caffier P, Mazurek B
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Meeting Abstract (10hno057)

Incidence, expansion and treatment of external canal cholesteatoma

Leopold S, Langer J, Begall K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno058)

Stress induces temporary changes of the gene expression in the auditory system of rats

Mazurek B, Haupt H, Stöver T, Szczepek A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno059)

Vestibular testing in Cochlea Implant patients with the Nucleus Hybrid-L-Implant

Neuburger J, Schüßler M, Schultrich H, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno060)

On the discovery of simple and multiple weightlessness of individual planets and moons in the solar system

Pichler HJM
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Meeting Abstract (10hno061)

Development of a test to measure timbre discrimination with CI users

Rahne T, Rasinski C, Neumann K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno062)

Aspects of the appraisal of the supply with hearing aid in the context of social law proceedings

Rasinski C, Rahne T, Neumann K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno063)

Nonlinear development of the c-Fos expressing populations of neurons under monotone CI-stimulation

Roßkothen-Kuhl N, Illing RB, Laszig R
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Meeting Abstract (10hno064)

Cochlea Implantation in a rural setting – a retrospective analysis of the postoperative results, quality of life and overall satisfaction since 2003

Rother T, Albrecht C, Issing PR
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Meeting Abstract (10hno065)

Evaluation of using a mobil phone in connection with a cochlea implant

Rottmann T, Brendel M, Büchner A, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno066)

Threshold of the remaining hearing as an indicator for a recommendation of a hearing aid and cochlear implant supply: where are the indication boundaries of a reasonable bimodal supply?

Ruehl S, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Lenarz T, Buechner A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno067)

Investigations of pre-processing algorithm in Advanced Bionics cochlear implantat systems

Saalfeld H, Büchner A, Fürsen K, Frohne-Büchner C, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno068)

Analysis of gentamicin uptake in the acutely isolated rat inner ear

Schmid K, Kwok P, Gleich O, Strutz J
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Meeting Abstract (10hno069)

Early diagnosis of permanent glue ear by universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS)

Scholz F, Vorwerk W, Arens C, Vorwerk U
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Meeting Abstract (10hno070)

Speech discrimination with different pre-processing algorithms by using the Roving Level Test

Schultrich H, Neben N, Pesch J, Haumann S, Lenarz T, Büchner A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno071)

Experimental audiology: an animal model for the investigation of hearing impairment and tinnitus

Schulze H, Ahlf S, Walter M, Tziridis K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno072)

Evaluation and comparison of the hearing performance of adult ABI- and CI-recipients with the sound effect recognition test (SERT)

Strauß-Schier A, Rost U, Joseph G, Lenarz T, Büchner A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno073)

Integration of a speech intelligibility test in noise in a new concept for the medical assessment of an occupational noise-induced hearing loss

Sukowski H, Thiele C, Wagener KC, Brand T, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Kollmeier B
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Meeting Abstract (10hno074)

Influence of interleukin-6 on cisplatin-induced auditory hair cell loss

Szczepek A, Haput H, Stöver T, Mazurek B
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Meeting Abstract (10hno075)

Cochlear implantation in children with congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Teschendorf M, Janeschik S, Bagus H, Möller-Hartmann C, Arweiler-Harbeck D
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Meeting Abstract (10hno076)

Development of a table for the determination of a percentage hearing loss in noise to use in the ENT medical estimate of hearing

Thiele C, Sukowski H, Meis M, Wagener K, Lenarz T, Lesinski-Schiedat A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno077)

Cochlea aplasia in the context of a multiple malformation syndrome in cause of a traumatic damage in early gravidity

Vorwerk U, Vorwerk W
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Meeting Abstract (10hno078)

Measurement of medial olivocochlear efferent activity in humans: comparison of different distortion product otoacoustic emissions-based paradigms

Wagner W, Heyd A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno079)

Protection of spiral ganglion cells in vivo after implantation of model electrodes coated with BDNF-producing cells

Warnecke A, Stöver T, Sasse S, Wenzel GI, Wissel K, Hoffmann A, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno080)

Benefits of cochlear implantation for unilateral deaf patients with ipsilateral tinnitus

Wenzel GI, Frohne-Buechner C, Brendel M, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Jaeger B, Buechner A, Lenarz T
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Meeting Abstract (10hno081)

Speech discrimination in noise and localisation in unilateral deaf patients using the Baha Intenso or Baha BP100

Wesarg T, Aschendorff A, Schild C, Kröger S, Maier W, Laszig R, Arndt S
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Meeting Abstract (10hno082)

Perception of music after cochlear-implantation

Willenborg K, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Lenarz T
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