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81st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

12.05. - 16.05.2010, Wiesbaden

Aerodigestive tract

Meeting Abstract (10hno001)

Macroscopical analysis of the thyroglossal duct with particular consideration of its topographical relationship to the hyoid bone

Anagiotos A, Koebke J
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Meeting Abstract (10hno002)

Endolaryngeal medialisation for glottic scars – techniques and functional results

Arens C, Thiele F, Glanz H
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Meeting Abstract (10hno003)

Laryngeal pacemaker – acute and chronic electrode implantations in pig larynx

Förster G, Müller A
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Meeting Abstract (10hno004)

Glomus vagale tumor – a rare differential diagnosis of dysphagia

Grözinger S, Schramm A, Maier H
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Meeting Abstract (10hno005)

Intraoperative neuromonitoring of thyroid gland operations – is it necessary to monitor the superior laryngeal nerve?

Klinge K, Förster G, Thomas L, Andreas M
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Meeting Abstract (10hno006)

Cytogenic characterization of juvenile angiofibroma

Kulas P, Wemmert S, Bechtel U, Urbschat S, Hoffmann M, Willnecker V, Schick B
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Meeting Abstract (10hno007)

Acute distress in adults – case report of an endolaryngeal lymphangioma

Lange P, Driever F, Arens C, Klußmann JP
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Meeting Abstract (10hno008)

Cervical foreign body as a seldom cause for aemoptoe

Langer J, Pethe W, Begall K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno009)

Tongue base resection using Coblation® – first experiences

Maurer JT, Heiser C, Hörmann K, Stuck BA
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Meeting Abstract (10hno010)

Laryngeal pacer: who are suitable patients?

Mueller A, Foerster G
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Meeting Abstract (10hno011)

Can voice prostheses remain in situ? An inquiry to ensure the safety of modern voice prostheses in MRI

Neuberger D, Kress P, Weidig G, Klug I, Schwerdtfeger FP
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Meeting Abstract (10hno012)

Enhanced transoral access in microlaryngoscopic surgery using a combination of open laryngoscope with high frequency supraglottic jet ventilation

Pabst F, Klemm E
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Meeting Abstract (10hno013)

A fistula between outer ear canal and oropharynx – a seldom first branchial cleft anomaly

Pethe W, Langer J, Begall K
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Meeting Abstract (10hno014)

The treatment of aerophagia by manual-therapeutic intervention – a case report

Porsch C, Vorwerk W, Arens C
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Meeting Abstract (10hno015)

Post-tonsillectomy pain-types and associated risk of haemorrhage

Sarny S, Habermann W, Schmid C, Ossimitz G, Stammberger H
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Meeting Abstract (10hno016)

Health related quality of life after tonsillectomy in adult patients

Skevas T, Plinkert PK, Baumann I
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Meeting Abstract (10hno017)

Singultus: an uncommon genesis

Wang CJ, Marx A, Kutta H, Knecht R
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Meeting Abstract (10hno018)

Increased transcript levels of the WNT-pathway genes β-catenin, GSK3β, APC and Axin2 in juvenile angiofibromas

Weber S, Willnecker V, Wendler O, Schick B
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Meeting Abstract (10hno019)

Endoscopic minimally invasive thyroidectomy: first clinical experience

Wilhelm T, Metzig A
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