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16. Grazer Konferenz – Qualität der Lehre: Curriculum planning and assessment

19. - 21. April 2012, Timisoara, Romania


Welcome/Begrüßung (12grako01)

Curriculum planing and assessment. An overview of the 16th Graz Conference on medical education

März R
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako02)

Teaching biomedical informatics in 2012: Difficulties and possible solutions

Ferenc B
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako03)

Course Design according to Bologna: competence based, transparent and comparable

Csanyi G
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako04)

How ready for curriculum change is your medical school? A practical tool to improve the chance of successfully implementing changes in your school

Jippes M, Driessen E, Majoor GD, Broers NJ, Gijselaers WH, van der Vleuten CP
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako05)

Toolbox of the assessment of clinical skills

Schmidts M, Himmelbauer M
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako06)

PhD in Europe? – PhD in Europe!

Seitz HJ
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako07)

Paediatric clinical training and assessment of 6th year students in the medical curriculum Innsbruck

Stein JI
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako08)

Using adult learning theories to plan assessment

Taylor D
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Workshop/Arbeitstreffen (12grako09)

Team based learning – An effective learning strategie

Wiener H, Plass H
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Lecture/Vortrag (12grako10)

MEDINE 2: An EU Network Project

März R
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Lecture/Vortrag (12grako11)

External evaluation/accreditation/certification as a tool for improvement of study programmes as well as a powerful means for overcoming internal opposition against change

Reibnegger G
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Lecture/Vortrag (12grako12)

Undergraduate medical curriculum. Offering the students a choice between a clinical-oriented curriculum, basic sciences, or medical humanities

Richard I, Nicolas G, Simard G, Coutant R, Febvre J, Stéphan L, Jemain F, Saint-André JP
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Lecture/Vortrag (12grako13)

High quality performance judgements in situations with low budget constraints

Schmidts M
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Lecture/Vortrag (12grako14)

Using adult learning theories to plan assessment

Taylor D
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Poster (12grako15)

Medical Education in Family Medicine Residency

Ardeleanu E, Gurgus D, Gruici A, Parvulescu V
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Poster (12grako16)

Dentist's decision making process regarding technology and materials chosen in the attianment of dental veneers

Avram IM, Magheru RD
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Poster (12grako17)

Differences between rural and central surgery in medical students' surgical education

Bernhardt GA, Sadoghi P, Mischinger HJ, Gruber G
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Poster (12grako18)

The Art to restore a smile on anyone's lips – Aesthetics

Bogdan B, Stana D, Freiman P
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Poster (12grako19)

The benefits of implementing a course management system - the experience of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes Timisoara

Bunu Panaitsecu C, Lungeanu D, Tatu C
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Poster (12grako20)

An Integrate Approach to Curriculum Design: Teaching and Assessing Practical Skills (eMediqual)

Buzoianu AD, Mosteanu O, Muntean V, Suciu S, Calinici T
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Poster (12grako21)

Impact of Study Choice on the Interest of Students of Human Medicine versus Dental Medicine by Means of the Study Module Musculoskeletal System

Gruber G, Aigner BA, Bernhardt GA, Kastner N, Vvaken P, Leithner A, Sadoghi P
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Poster (12grako22)

Continuing Medical Education Cardiology Programs for General Practitioners

Gurgus D, Ardeleanu E, Gruici A, Parvulescu V
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Poster (12grako23)

Roles of mentors for undergraduate medical students in Vienna

Hofhansl A, Körmöczi GF
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Poster (12grako24)

Dissertations in the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at the Medical Faculty of the University Szeged (1990-2012)

Kapocsi E, Barabás K
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Poster (12grako25)

Teaching and learning blood group serology and transfusion medicine in the integrated Medical Curriculum Vienna

Körmöczi GF, Hofhansl A
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Poster (12grako26)

The International Consortium of Higher Medical Institutions

Kovalchuk L, Sakharova I, Lisnychuk N, Oleshchuk O
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Poster (12grako27)

Integrating CanMed, SCLO and Tuning project (Medicine) competencies into the undergraduate Medical education curriculum at Graz Medical University

Kresse A, Vogl S, Roller-Wirnsberger R, Wagner D, Hofer A, Öttl K, Griesbacher T, Wedrich A
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Poster (12grako28)

Implementation of a additional test part to the BMS for selecting dental students at the Medical University Graz

Manhal S, Caluba HC, Ithaler D, Neges HM, Reibnegger G
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Poster (12grako29)

Curriculum design: The "English garden" model

Muntean V
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Poster (12grako30)

Junior Bálant groups as a mean of preventing burn-out

Obál A, Barabás K
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Poster (12grako31)

Increasing relevance and context of teaching improves medical students' attitudes towards learning contents in chemistry and their appreciation of chemistry teachers

Oettl K, Manhal S, Ithaler D, Caluba HC, Reibnegger G
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Poster (12grako32)

The impact of interactive courses on medical students compared to the traditional coruses. An prospective, observational study

Patrascu JM, Andor BC, Patrascu jr JM
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Poster (12grako33)

Common European Curriculum in Occupational Medicine – Emutom Project

Pauncu EA, Popescu FG, Hanna M, Braeckmann L, Smits PB, Van Dijks FJ, Gehanno JF, Bulats P
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Poster (12grako34)

Guiding fundamental skills acquisition

Petris O
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Poster (12grako35)

Katastrophen- und spezielle Notfallmedizin Teaching Unit (TU) an der Medizinischen Universität Graz – ein Novum!

Petutschnigg B
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Poster (12grako36)

E-Learning in Occupational Medicine – NeTWoRM

Popescu FG, Pauncu EA, Hanna MP, Radon K, Kolb S, Ohlander J
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Poster (12grako37)

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning: ECG diagnosis and surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias – Modern cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator and cardiac resynchronization therapy

Prenner G, Sereinigg M, Manhal S, Wagner D, Lercher P
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Poster (12grako38)

Integration in curriculum planning and development

Raica M, Panaitescu Bunu C, Tatu C
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Poster (12grako39)

Artificial heart implantation – an elective course offered to students of human medicine at the Medical University of Graz

Schweiger M, Wagner D, Tscheliessnigg K, Manhal S
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Poster (12grako40)

Making medical basics understandable to students of nursing science – A concept

Sereinigg M, Puntschart A, Wagner D
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Poster (12grako41)

The application of Internal Market Information (IMI) in the Romanian Dental System

Szuhanek C, Sandu L, Linu A
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Poster (12grako42)

The Effect of Practical Experience on Medical Students' Self-assessed Clinical Skills Competenecy

Todorovic T, Pivec N
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Poster (12grako43)

Exam distress, somatization and quality of life at the entry exam of the Medical University of Graz

Vajda C, Fazekas C, Haas J
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Poster (12grako44)

Clinical activities in everday medical practice do students in the first semester need

Werkgartner G, Manhal S, Iberer F, Wagner D
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Poster (12grako45)

Students' Attitudes about the Application of Audience Response Systems in Team-based Learning

Wiener H, Plass H, März R
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Pre-Workshop/Pre-Arbeitstreffen (12grako46)

Virtual Microscopy

Ellinger A, Raica M
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Pre-Workshop/Pre-Arbeitstreffen (12grako47)

Adapting teaching methods to learning behaviour

Plass H, Kremser K
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Round Table/Runder Tisch (12grako48)

Improved medical education by systematic correlation of preclinical and clinical knowledge and skills

Serban DN, Iliescu R, Lacramioara Serban I, Petris O, Ioan GB, Pieptu D, Sorodoc L, Cianga P, Azoicai D
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