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MAINZ//2011: 56. GMDS-Jahrestagung und 6. DGEpi-Jahrestagung

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie e. V.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Epidemiologie e. V.

26. - 29.09.2011 in Mainz

Deutsche Krebshilfe

Meeting Abstract (11gmds603)

Evaluation of the implementation of the national S3 guideline “Diagnosis, therapy and aftercare for breast cancer in women” and its influence on population-based outcome in different regions of Germany

Schrodi S, Tillack A, Naas A, Niedostate A, Werner C, Hollezek B, Stegmaier C, Schubert-Fritschle G, Engel J
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds604)

Quality of life in long-term survivors of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer – First results from the CAESAR-study

Arndt V, Koch L, Bertram H, Eberle A, Schmid-Höpfner S, Stegmaier C, Waldmann A, Zeissig S, Brenner H
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds605)

Cancer registry data in large scale randomised trials

Auvinen A
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds606)

Population-based effects of mammography screening on distribution of tumour stages and consequences for therapy and care of breast cancer patients in Bavaria

Braisch U, Schrodi S, Geiss K, Radespiel-Tröger M, Hölzel D, Heywang-Köbrunner S, Engel J, Meyer M
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds607)

Experience from the Netherlands Cohort Study on cancer etiology and prognosis

van den Brandt PA
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds608)

Long-term prognosis of cancer patients in Germany:Up-to-date national estimates, regional variation and international comparisons

Brenner H, Katalinic A
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds609)

German cancer aid’s priority programme “Epidemiological Research on Data from Population-Based Cancer Registries’ Project”: Synchronisation of patients of the quality-assured mamma diagnostics programme QuaMaDi with the cancer registry Schleswig-Holstein

Fauteck H, Obi N
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds610)

The impact of menopausal hormone therapy, life style and genetic factors on mortality and recurrence in postmenopausal breast cancer patients (The MARIEplus study)

Obi N, Vrieling A, Heinz J, Chang-Claude J, Flesch-Janys D
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds611)

Global strategies for cancer: the role of registries

Forman D
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds612)

Importance of lifestyle and environmental factors on cancer risk and prognosis: Investigating the role of Vitamin D3 and selenium in large epidemiological cohort studies

Haug U
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds613)

Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality among participants of colonoscopy screening

Hoffmeister M, Haug U, Stegmaier C, Brenner H
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds614)

Cancer and area-based social deprivation

Pritzkuleit R, Mielck A, Meyer M, Katalinic A
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds615)

Nordic Occupational Cancer (NOCCA) study – an example of extreme utilization of multi-register data

Pukkala E, Martinsen JI, Weiderpass E, Sparén P, Kolbrun Gunnarsdottir H, Tryggvadotti L, Lynge E, Kjærheim K
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds616)

Need for nursing care among cancer patients outside of hospitals – a record linkage study

Spallek J, Breckenkamp J, Damm O, Kraywinkel K, Krieg V, Schwabe W, Hense HW, Greiner W, Razum O
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Meeting Abstract (11gmds617)

An analysis on equity in cancer survival between population groups in a country where the survival is high

Hakulinen T, Pokhrel A
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