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Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung (GMA)

27.09. - 29.09.2012, Aachen

V02: englische Session

Vortrag (V511)

Economy of scale for small-scale education; integrating multimedia in blended learning scenarios to enable small group learning on a large scale

de Leng B, Hess F, Huber S, Haag M
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Poster (V507)

Residents’ ratings of workplace conditions

Forster J, Biller S, Giesler M
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Vortrag (V509)

“Experience by itself teaches nothing” – differential mentoring for the next decade

Guse AH, Kurré J, Bullinger M, Petersen-Ewert C
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Vortrag (V512)

Design and implementation of 3rd semester students’ outcomes in a modular curriculum of medicine

Peters H, Maaz A, Hitzblech T, Brunk I, Röhr C, Pelz J, Wendt O, Breckwoldt J
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Vortrag (V510)

Examples of blog, wiki, and virtual classroom in Problem-Based Learning

Verstegen D, van Berlo J
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Vortrag (V508)

Graduates from different medical schools compared on a new performance assessment

Wijnen-Meijer M, Ten Cate TJ, Van der Schaaf M, Harendza S
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