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29th Annual Meeting of the German Drug Utilisation Research Group (GAA)

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

24.11. - 25.11.2022, Münster


Meeting Abstract (22gaa01)

Effect of guideline-recommended pharmaceutical therapy on osteoporosis-associated fractures exemplified by the proximal humerus.

Köppe J, Stolberg-Stolberg J, Rischen R, Freistühler M, Faldum A, Raschke MJ, Katthagen JC
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa02)

Outpatient Antibiotic Prescribing in Early Life: A Population-Based Study Comparing Birth Cohorts from Denmark and Germany

Scholle O, Rasmussen L, Reilev M, Viebrock J, Haug U
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa03)

Characterization of incidence, prevalence, and treatment patterns of chronic lymphocytic leukemia based on German healthcare claims data

Wartmann H, Schneller S, Scharenberg M, Struck K, Deiters B, Heidler T, Schmitz N, Volmer T
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa04)

Scientific Application of the Web-Based Health Portal VITERIO for the Acquisition and Analysis of Digital Outcome Parameters

Bachmeier B, Salm S, Melchart D
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa05)

Expanding vaccination services in pharmacies – key findings from a survey on COVID-19 vaccinations in Germany

Heydarpour R, Vu H, Urban JN, Wohlleben M
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa06)

Opportunities for implementing targeted vaccination management in oncological patients in hospital setting

Völker A, Urban JN, Kron F, Wohlleben M
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa07)

WOLGA: Further development, optimization and application of an algorithm for the detection of serious adverse drug reactions based on claims data - first results of a sub-analysis focusing on clostridium difficile infections

Christ P, Rischke N, Dubrall D, Scholle O, Stausberg J, Haug U, Sachs B
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa08)

Characteristics and completeness of spontaneous reports of opioid-associated abuse, dependence or withdrawal based on EudraVigilance data in Germany: Reporting characteristics of pharmacists and other reporters

Jobski K, Bantel C, Hoffmann F
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa09)

Information deficits in liver-related contraindications – Analysis of clarity and codability in SmPCs/PI of major drug markets

Weisbach L, Schuster AK, Hartmann M, Fromm MF, Maas R, Farker K
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa10)

A prospective study on the immunogenicity of different vaccines-schemes against SARS-CoV-2 in hospital staff – Insights from the Helios Hildesheim COVID-19 Vaccination Study (HelCO-Vac)

Dedroogh S, Graf K, Schmiedl S, Thürmann P, Appelbaum S, Ostermann T, Koß R, Theis C, Zia Z, Tebbenjohanns J, Thal S, Dedroogh M
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa11)

Application of herbal medicines in mental symptom load – data analysis of a pharmaco-epidemiological and health services research study

Salm S, Schulz A, Kelber O, Raskopf E, Shah-Hosseini K, Mösges R, Bachmeier BE
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa12)

Relevance of complexity factors that cannot be derived from medication schedules

Schmidt SJ, Wurmbach VS, Lampert A, Bernard S, Meid AD, Frick E, Metzner M, Wilm S, Mortsiefer A, Bücker B, Altiner A, Sparenberg L, Szecsenyi J, Peters-Klimm F, Kaufmann-Kolle P, Haefeli WE, Seidling HM, Thürmann PA
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa13)

Achievements of the COFRAIL intervention study with focus on shared prioritisation and deprescribing by means of family conferences to improve patient safety in frail elderly with polypharmacy

Gogolin M, Bencheva V, Schmiedl S, Mortsiefer A, Wilm S, Wollny A, Drewelow E, Ritzke M, Altiner A, Icks A, Meyer G, Wiese B, Thürmann PA, COFRAIL study group
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa14)

Documentation and timeliness of the nationwide standardized medication plan for patients in an emergency department

Schuster AK, Weisbach L, Stumme C, Behringer W, Hartmann M, Farker K
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa15)

A methodical approach to determine possible nocebo and placebo effects of Covid-19 vaccinations

Hach I, Bunila-Yuwang F, Sattler A, Brucker C
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa16)

Do systemic adverse events following the first dose of mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 administered early to a hospital staff sample differ from the approval study sample?

Bunila-Yuwang F, Brucker C, Sattler A, Hach I
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa17)

Should suicidal adolescents be monitored for drug use at the beginning of a hospital stay?

Hach I, Bertsch T, Nonell P
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa18)

Medication adaptation as a heat protection concept – preparing the outpatient sector for heat waves

van de Sand H, Heck J, Krause O, Poppe A, Bunz M, van Baal K, Müller B, Meyer I
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa19)

Prescription of oral antiepileptic drugs in Germany between 2010 and 2020

Scholz K, Köster I, Schubert I, Meyer I
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa20)

Complexity of outpatient drug therapy over a decade of life: consequences for digitalisation in healthcare

Lappe V, Schubert I, Grandt D
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa21)

Prioritisation and identification of adverse drug reactions in routinely collected electronic data sources during hospitalisation: A RAND survey

Boehmer AM, Haerdtlein A, Dreischulte T, Jaehde U
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa22)

The effects of Covid-19 and discount contracts on the current design of regional drug contracts in conception and controlling

Schuster R, Emcke T, Fabian S
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Meeting Abstract (22gaa23)

Effect of direct healthcare professional communications on prescribing behaviour

Köberle U, Grohmann R, Belz M, Greil W, Gundert-Remy U, Degner D
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