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26th Annual Meeting of the German Drug Utilisation Research Group (GAA)

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

21.11. - 22.11.2019, Bonn/Bad Godesberg


Meeting Abstract (19gaa01)

Hormones and dementia – pharmacoepidemiological analyses of German health insurance data

Hoffmann J, Gomm W, Weckbecker K, Hänisch B
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa02)

Updated pocket guide for diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at the University Hospital Jena

Farker K, Hartmann M, Kroegel C
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa03)

SSRI co-medication with NOAC or vitamin K antagonist does not increase hospitalization for bleeding events. A retrospective nation-wide cohort study in Austria 2010–2015

Klopprogge S, Mittlböck M, Reichardt B, Wolzt M
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa04)

Does magnesium supplementation benefit pregnancy? The LIFE Child pregnancy cohort

Bremer SUJ, Neininger MP, Bertsche A, Kiess W, Bertsche T
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa05)

Prescribing of metamizole and opioids in Germany on a regional level in 2010

Jobski K, Hoffmann F, Bantel C, Dörks M
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa06)

Zwischen Erlösung und Verdammnis – Versprechen und aktuelle Realität von artificial intelligence in Versorgungsforschung und -praxis

Meyer I
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa07)

ARMIN – Influence of structured medication management on pharmacy loyalty

Waldleben V, Fuchs A
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa08)

Medication management by clinical pharmacists in the “DemStepCare” innovation fund project – a prospective cluster randomized intervention study in patients with dementia

Kockläuner M, Mildner C, Krämer I
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa09)

Pharmacotherapy of psychiatric inpatients with adjustment disorder – current status and changes between 2000 and 2016

Greiner T, Haack B, Toto S, Bleich S, Grohmann R, Heinze M, Schneider M
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa10)

Cross-sector postgraduate interprofessional workshops as a preventive tool to avoid risks of polypharmacy in the elderly – 1. Feasibility? 2. Resonance? ...and a revelation

Wolf U
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa11)

Safe sailing on a preventive course in gerontopharmacology and polypharmacy requires the hoisting of important presetting superior sails

Wolf U
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa12)

Iatrogenic burden and components of so-called presbydysphagia? Health care research in oropharygeal dysphagia in the elderly analysing associated and drug related risk factors

Wolf U, Walter G, Wienke A, Gregor S
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa13)

The influence of intervention complexity on barriers and facilitators in the implementation of professional pharmacy services – a systematic review

Möcker R, Terstegen T, Haefeli WE, Seidling H
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa14)

Prescribing practice of proton pump inhibitors in nursing home residents – results of a secondary data analysis

Wegener M, Berg A, Fleischer S, Meyer G, Wolf U
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa15)

Practical demonstrations of insulin administration to evaluate the emergency management of paediatric patients with type I diabetes mellitus

Eisenhofer S, Neininger MP, Bertsche A, Kiess W, Kapellen TM, Bertsche T
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa16)

PRISCUS 2.0 – An update and expansion of the first German list of potentially inappropriate medications

Mann NK, Mathes T, Sönnichsen A, Niepraschk-von Dollen K, Pieper D, Thürmann PA
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa17)

Multimorbidity and polypharmacy for patients with mental and behavioural disorders in outpatient treatment

Schuster F, Emcke T, Ostermann T
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa18)

Multimorbidity and polypharmacy for diabetes patients using regional secondary data of the Statutory Health Insurance

Schuster R, Heidbreder M, Emcke T, Schuster M
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa19)

Vaccination of children – Primary immunization according to official recommendations of STIKO

Lappe V, Schubert I, Grandt D
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa20)

Needs assessment for an interprofessional academic program for medication safety

Thevissen J, Böhmer A, Al Ghaddioui R, Olejniczak K, Dartsch D, Hänisch B, Laven A, Mahler C, Paeschke N, Seidling H, Weltermann B, Woltersdorf R, Jaehde U
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa21)

Development of basic approaches to artificial intelligence in pharmacotherapy

Rose O, Netz M, Bücker M
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa22)

Developing and finalising a deprescribing manual

Bencheva V, Mann NK, Schmiedl S, Abraham J, Altiner A, Icks A, Mortsiefer A, Wiese B, Wilm S, COFRAIL study group
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Meeting Abstract (19gaa23)

Prescribers’ compliance with SmPC recommendations for dabigatran, rivaroxaban, and apixaban – a European comparative drug utilization study

Schmiedl S, Rottenkolber M, Ibanez L, Sabate M, Ballarin E, Vidal X, Leon-Munoz L, Huerta C, Martin Merino E, Montero D, Gasse C, Anderson M, Asgaer M, De Bruin M, Gerlach R, Tauscher M, Souverein P, van den Ham R, Klungel O, Gardarsdottir H
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