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23rd Annual Meeting of the German Drug Utilisation Research Group (GAA)

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

24.11. - 25.11.2016, Bochum


Meeting Abstract (16gaa03)

Development of a pocket guide for diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at the University hospital Jena

Farker K, Kroegel C
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa04)

Analysis and medication optimization for geriatric inpatients: a prospective intervention study (OptiMe)

Nachtigall A, Heppner HJ, Lange S, Thürmann PA
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa05)

Chemical risks in activities involving drugs in the care sector

Heinemann A, Kimbel R, Roßbach B, Segner V
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa06)

Opioid use and dementia – a pharmacoepidemiological analysis using claims data

Gornyk D, Gomm W, Thomé F, von Holt K, Hänisch B
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa07)

Prescription Patterns of Drugs Prolonging the QT – Interval Relating to Patients Receiving Maintenance Therapy

Voss H, Heidbreder M, Schuster R, Emcke T
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa08)

Monthly variations in drug prescriptions and medical treatment in the outpatient sector

Schuster R, Emcke T, Heidbreder M, von Arnstedt E
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa09)

Overview on the results of the WestGem study – a 2016 update

Rose O, Jaehde U, Köberlein-Neu J
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa10)

Preliminary Results on Medication Reconciliation at the WestGem study

Rose O, Jaehde U, Köberlein-Neu J
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa11)

Drug costs depending on the weekday of birth for births 1920–1929

Schuster F, Emcke T
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa12)

AMTS in the communication between physicians and pharmacists

Bennhoff K
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa13)

Pain and depressive symptoms in German patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Jobski K, Luque Ramos A, Albrecht K, Hoffmann F
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa14)

"Pillenreport" – an example how targeted information can improve patient-centered care

Neitemeier S, Schoch GG, Würdemann E
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa15)

Analysis of drug-drug interactions in a neurological department – results of an interdisciplinary one-year pilot project

Lennartz F, Albrecht P
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa16)

Development and evaluation of an algorithm in Medication Management for best practice. Effectiveness of the intervention and translation into standard care for nursing home residents – AMBER-Study, study design

Erzkamp S, Rose O
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa17)

Methodological Challenges in Analysing the Impact of Regulatory Decisions on Prescribing Patterns Using Oral Contraceptives as an Example

Selke Krulichová I, Schubert I, Eichler U, Selke GW
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa18)

Prescriptions of pharmaceuticals to asylum seekers

Selke GW, Langner I, Eichler U
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa19)

Over-Indebtedness and Drug use: Barriers in the German Health-system

Münster E
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa20)

Evaluating Patients’ Comprehensibility of a Standardized Medication Plan

Botermann L, Monzel K, Krueger K, Eickhoff C, Wachter A, Kloft C, Laufs U, Schulz M
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa21)

The 7+ project: Improving patient safety by facilitating communication among health professionals in Gelsenkirchen

Rasseck A, Brünjes H, Greitemeier A, Queckenberg H, Grummel R
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa22)

New oral anticoagulants (NOACs) in family practice – Use and medication switches in the PICANT study

Mergenthal K, Ulrich LR, Petersen JJ, Ockelmann C, Kemperdick B, Rauck S, Schulz-Rothe S, Harder S, Siebenhofer A
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa23)

Konzept zur interdisziplinären Gewährleistung der Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit – AMTS in der ambulanten Pflege

Wittebrock M, Ardey J
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Meeting Abstract (16gaa24)

Arzneimittelversorgungsforschung in Apotheken: Pilotstudie zur Anwendung und Sicherheit von Arzneistoffen nach der Freistellung aus der Verschreibungspflicht

Janhsen K, Puteanus U, Schubert I
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