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21st Annual Meeting of the German Drug Utilisation Research Group (GAA), 9th German "Pharmakovigilanztag"

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

20.11.-21.11.2014, Bonn


Meeting Abstract (14gaa01)

Absetzen, hinzufügen oder ändern? Dynamik medikamentöser Verordnungen bei älteren multimorbiden Patienten mit Multimedikation in der Hausarztpraxis

von Büdingen F, Beyer M, van den Akker M, Uhlmann L, Gerlach FM, Muth C
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa02)

Acute myocardial infarction in the elderly: Treatment strategy, adjunctive medications and 28-day-case fatality: The MONICA/KORA Myocardial Infarction Registry

Amann U, Kirchberger I, Heier M, von Scheidt W, Kuch B, Peters A, Meisinger C
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa03)

ADHD Care in Transition to Adulthood from the Patient Perspective

Schubert I, Buitkamp M, Lehmkuhl G
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa04)

Adverse drug reactions of the iron chelator deferiprone during mono- and simultaneous combination therapy in Chinese paediatric thalassemia patients

Botzenhardt S, Sing CW, Wong ICK, Chan GCF, Wong LYL, Felisi M, Rascher W, Ceci A, Neubert A
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa05)

Antihyperglycaemic medication in patients with newly diagnosed diabetes: a long-term claims data analysis

Egen-Lappe V, Köster I, Schubert I
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa06)

Arzneimittelsicherheit bei Kindern und Jugendlichen – Off-Label Anwendung und Arzneimittelsicherheit von Neuroleptika und Antidepressiva

Dörks M, Blenk T, Tahden M, Garbe E
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa07)

Aspects of the study design and preliminary results of the WestGem study: WESTphalian study on a medication therapy management and home care based intervention under Gender specific aspects in Elderly Multimorbid patients

Rose O, Waltering I, John C, Mertens-Keller D, Richling I, Mennemann H, Koeberlein-Neu J
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa08)

Benzodiazepines and Z-drugs: On private prescription or not?

Ludigkeit S, Hempel G, Luhmann E, Puteanus U
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa09)

Demography and risk factors of severe cutaneous adverse reactions: analysis of the German RegiSCAR-cohort over a period of 10 years

Mockenhaupt M, Hübsch T, Paulmann M, Sekula P
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa10)

Detecting adverse drug reaction signals based on claims data – a review of the literature

Walker J, Jacob J, Ganninger M
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa11)

Diabetes Type 2 Registry DIAREG: Using an innovative approach to build a prospective type 2 diabetes registry in primary care practices in Germany

Schröder-Bernhardi D, Bode-Greuel K
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa12)

Dosing errors of psychotropic drugs – a report of the AMTS of BfArM

Kayser C, Paeschke N
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa13)

Drug Use Patterns of Elderly Neuroleptic Users in Germany

Schmedt N, Jobski K, Schink T, Garbe E
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa14)

Drug utilisation patterns in hospitalised children and adolescents: an international perspective

Rashed AN, Botzenhardt S, Wong ICK, Tomlin S, Neubert A
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa15)

Drug-related Problems in Children and Adolescents – a Prospective Cohort Study on a Paediatric Ward at a University Hospital in Germany

Toni I, Botzenhardt S, Wimmer S, Trollmann R, Rascher W, Neubert A
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa16)

Drugs with Anticholinergic Effects are Associated with a Reduced Quality of Life and Functionality in Elderly Multimorbid Outpatients receiving Polypharmacy

Hammer MS, Uhlmann L, Beyer M, Gerlach FM, Magin P, Muth C
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa17)

Evaluation of drug related problems by community pharmacists

Koling S, Waltering I, Hempel G
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa18)

Frequency of Polypharmacy in Children in Germany

Selke GW, Eichler U, Langner I
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa19)

Health Care Data in Early Benefit Assessment – What data is suitable?

Bleß HH
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa20)

Inappropriate Use of DPP-4 Inhibitors

Reichel A, Blank S, Tamminga M, Schoch GG, Steimle T
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa21)

Incident use of metformin and cancer risk: Results of a matched cohort study

Geier AS, Wellmann J, Wellmann I, Kajüter H, Heidinger O, Hempel G, Hense HW
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa22)

Interaction of RMP, PSUR and PASS: challenge for the marketing authorization holders

Storz E
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa23)

Off-Label Prescribing of Respiratory Drugs in Children living in Bavaria (Germany)

Schmiedl S, Fischer R, Ibanez L, Fortuny J, Klungel O, Reynolds R, Gerlach R, Tauscher M, Thürmann P, Hasford J, Rottenkolber M
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa24)

Potential drug-drug interactions in the elderly: prescribing patterns of German physicians

Langner I, Eichler U, Selke GW
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa25)

Potentially Inappropriate Medication (PIM) Use and Risk of Hospitalization in a Population-Based Cohort of Older Family Physician Patients

Endres HG, Kaufmann-Kolle P, Bauer E, Böttner C, Thürmann P
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa26)

Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIM) in the acute inpatient geriatric institution of the university hospital Jena

Al-Otti S, Hippius M, Kwetkat A
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa27)

Quality and use of medication lists in elderly ambulatory patients

Freigofas J, Seidling HM, Brenner H, Saum KU, Haefeli WE
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa28)

Rebate contracts: reasons not to substitute

Krieg EM, Gradl G, Schulz M
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa29)

Results of early benefit assessment (AMNOG) and additional treatment costs: is there a relationship?

Herr D, Thürmann PA
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa30)

Self-reported adverse drug reactions in elderly patients with polypharmacy

Müller I, Thürmann PA, Berger K
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa31)

Structural changes induced by innovative and expensive drugs

Schuster R, Heidbreder M
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa32)

Techniker Krankenkasse MedicationCoach for type 2 diabetics – evaluation of the first year

Mühlbauer V, Schoch GG, Schwarz S, Steimle T
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa33)

The effect of hospital stay on outpatient drug prescription – the evolution from analysis to patient centered care

Fiß T, Grimmsmann T, Sigeneger G, Dolfen S, Möhlmann H
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa34)

The influence of fall risk increasing drugs (FRIDS) on falls in elderly outpatients

Heckenbach K, Ostermann T, Matthes H
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Meeting Abstract (14gaa35)

The influence of hospitalisation on the initiation of hypnotics and sedatives – An observation study based on pharmacy claims data

Grimmsmann T, Fiß T, Himmel W
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