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10. Jahrestagung der GAA Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

16. bis 17.10.2003, Bonn


Meeting Abstract (03gaa09)

Off-label use

Dierks C
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Meeting Abstract (03gaa10)


Egen-Lappe V, Hasford J
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Meeting Abstract (03gaa11)

Off-lable drug use and clinical investigations in children

Mühlbauer B
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Meeting Abstract (03gaa12)

Examples of off-label-use in general practices analysed with the patient database Disease Analyzer-mediplus

Schröder-Bernhardi D, Dietlein G
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Meeting Abstract (03gaa13)

Open-label observational study to demonstrate evidence for new indications by off-label-use

Hager E, Dziambor H
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Meeting Abstract (03gaa14)

Summary of product information and off-label use

Müller U, Hippius M
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Meeting Abstract (03gaa15)

German Medical Science

Richter L
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