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The ABC Conference: Algae Bioactive Compounds – from research to innovation

The project is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with means from the European Regional Development Fund.

25. - 26.08.2020, Kiel, Germany (online conference)

Day 1
Enzymes and Metabolomics in Brown Algae Research

Meeting Abstract (20fucosan06)

Functional characterization of an endo-fucoidanase from Formosa haliotis for the degradation of α-(1–3) and α-(1–4) fucoidans

Vuillemin M, Silchenko AS, Kokoulin MS, Ermakova SP, Cao HTT, Vo T, Holck J, Meyer AS, Mikkelsen MD
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Meeting Abstract (20fucosan07)

Fucoidan: enzymatic purification and modification

Mikkelsen MD, Nguyen TT, Cao HTT, Tran VHN, Trang VTD, Van TTT, Meyer AS
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Meeting Abstract (20fucosan08)

FTIR fingerprinting for fucoidanases' activity assessment

Tran VHN, Mikkelsen MD, Perna V, Nguyen TT, Trang VTD, Baum A, Cao HTT, Van TTT, Meyer AS
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Meeting Abstract (20fucosan09)

Automated tools for identifying the massive metabolome and bioactive constituents of Baltic Fucus vesiculosus

Heavisides E, Büdenbender L, Tasdemir D
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