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ESBS 2005: Skull Base Surgery: An Interdisciplinary Challenge
7th Congress of the European Skull Base Society held in association with
the 13th Congress of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery

18. - 21.05.2005, Fulda, Germany

Molecular Biology

Meeting Contribution (05esbs68)

The genetic background of head and neck paraganglioma

Bausch B, Boedeker CC, Berlis A, Brink I, Schipper J, Neumann HPH
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs69)

Determinants of tumor growth and size in unilateral vestibular schwannoma

Diensthuber M, Lenarz T, Stöver T
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs70)

Cytogenetic analysis of anterior skull base carcinomas

Gil Z, Orr-Urterger A, Fliss DM
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs71)

Expression of growth factors in unilateral vestibular schwannoma

Stöver T, Diensthuber M, Averbeck T, Lenarz T
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