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ESBS 2005: Skull Base Surgery: An Interdisciplinary Challenge
7th Congress of the European Skull Base Society held in association with
the 13th Congress of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery

18. - 21.05.2005, Fulda, Germany

Intraoperative Navigation

Meeting Contribution (05esbs48)

State of the art in navigation of head and neck procedures

Majdani O, Heermann R, Lenarz T, Leinung M
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs49)

New recently developed technologies for planning, registration and navigation with possible impact on further improved surgery on the skull

Caversaccio M, Pappas I, Langlotz F, Marti G, Baur C, Nolte LP, Häusler R
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs50)

Preliminary experience with intraoperative low-field MRI in pituitary surgery

Gerlach R, Krishnan R, Ntoukas V, Marquardt G, Raabe A, Seifert V
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs51)

Computer-guided visualization of the skull base – new approach in preoperative planning

Hertel I, Strauß G, Hintze J, Cordes J, Krüger A, Tietgen C, Dietz A, Preim B
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs52)

Accuracy of neuronavigation for the transsphenoidal approach to the sellar region

Hoelper BM, Behr R
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs53)

Application of bone anchored referencing with an electromagnetic navigation system to the lateral skull base?

Majdani O, Heermann R, Bartling S, Lenarz T, Leinung M
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