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ESBS 2005: Skull Base Surgery: An Interdisciplinary Challenge
7th Congress of the European Skull Base Society held in association with
the 13th Congress of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery

18. - 21.05.2005, Fulda, Germany

Anterior Skull Base

Meeting Contribution (05esbs05)

Versatility of the subcranial approach and indications for combined procedures in extensive anterior and central skull base tumors

Raveh J, Laedrach K
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs06)

The subcranial approach to the anterior skull base

Fliss DM, Gil Z
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs07)

Reconstructive aspects in anterior skull base surgery

Nkenke E, Fenner M, Neukam FW
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs08)

Combined trans-frontal basal craniotomy and lateral rhinotomy in patient with nasopharyngeal carcinoma involving the anterior skull base and right orbit

de Tommasi A, de Tommasi C, de Candia N, Luzzi S, Ciappetta P
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs09)

Endoscopic resection of juvenile angiofibromas – long term results

Alborno T, Hofmann T, Lackner A, Stammberger H, Koele W, Reittner P, Klein E
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs10)

Orbital foreign bodies – diagnosis and management

Sandner A, Neumann K, Ehrich D, Kösling S, Bloching M
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs11)

An interdisciplinary concept for the therapy of nasocerebral fistulas

Koscielny S, Behnke J
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs12)

Endoscopic optic nerve decompression: the Graz experience II

Lackner A, Alborno T, Walch C, Köle W, Stammberger H, Klein A
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs13)

Malignant frontobasal melanoma – prognosis and impact of therapeutic strategy

Maier W, Lohnstein PU, Klenzner T, Schipper J
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs14)

Efficacy of duraplasty: beta-trace protein test for CSF fistula repair control

Meco C, Arrer E, Oberascher G
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs15)

Beta-trace protein (prostaglandin D synthase) – a immunological marker as advanced diagnostic for CSF-leaks

Michel O, Bachmann-Harildstad G
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs16)

Management of postoperative epidural abscess after skull base surgery

Mikami T, Minamida Y, Houkin K, Yotsuyanagi T
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs17)

Management of primary optic nerve sheath meningiomas: presentation of a new classification system

Schick U, Hassler W
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs18)

The expanded endonasal approach: a fully endoscopic transnasal resection of the odontoid process

Snyderman C, Carrau R, Kassam A, Gardner P, Spiro R
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs19)

Endoscopic surgery for malignant sinonasal tumors

Chen MK, Tsai YL, Chang CC
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs20)

Inverted Papillomas of the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinuses: clinical aspects, diagnosis and therapeutic results

Ridder GJ, Behringer S, Kayser G, Boedeker CC
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs21)

Management of intracranial complications due to chronic sinusitis

Wróbel M, Pazdrowski J, Szyfter W
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs22)

Endoscopic resection of nasal septal chondrosarcoma with skull base extension – preliminary results of a case

Meco C, Boynukalin KS, Gökcan MK, Aydiner F, Aktürk T, Erekul S, Gerceker M, Kücük B
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs23)

A severe skull base penetrating injury caused by a screwdriver. Review of literature

de Tommasi A, Cascardi P, de Tommasi C, Occhiogrosso G, Vailati G
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