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22. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Netzwerks Evidenzbasierte Medizin e. V.

Deutsches Netzwerk Evidenzbasierte Medizin e. V.

24. - 26.02.2021, digital

Techniken der Evidenzsynthese

Meeting Abstract (21ebmV-8-01)

Contacting study authors about additional data using email main text versus standardised data request forms – a randomised study within a review

Gooßen K, Rombey T, Kugler CM, De Santis KK, Pieper D
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Meeting Abstract (21ebmV-8-02)

Fast and frugal decision tree for the critical appraisal of systematic reviews in situations with limited time periods

Lorenz R, Jenny M, Jacobs A, Matthias K
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Meeting Abstract (21ebmV-8-03)

Inconsistent views among systematic review authors toward publishing protocols as peer-reviewed articles: an international survey

Rombey T, Puljak L, Allers K, Ruano Ruiz JA, Pieper D
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Meeting Abstract (21ebmV-8-04)

Introduction and insights from the first application of a GRADE adaption for evidence synthesis on harms (in subgroups)

Mathes T, Mann N, Sönnichsen A, Thürmann P, Pieper D
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Meeting Abstract (21ebmV-8-05)

What is the ‚early’ in early palliative care in clinical oncology? Results of a systematic review

Nadolny S, Gaßmann ES, Buiting HM, Schildmann J
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