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20. Deutscher Kongress für Versorgungsforschung

Deutsches Netzwerk Versorgungsforschung e. V.

06. - 08.10.2021, digital

VS43: Healthcare workers in times of COVID-19 II

Meeting Abstract (21dkvf454)

“Will it really work?” – Turkish health workers’ perceptions of vaccines against COVID-19 and influencing factors

Altinok K, Erdsiek F, Brzoska P, Yılmaz-Aslan Y
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf455)

Voluntary registration of former nurses in Germany – back to nursing in the coronavirus pandemic?

Lücker P, Henning E, Hoffmann W
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf456)

Measuring COVID-19 related health literacy in health professionals – validation of the HL-COV-HP instrument

Hiltrop K, Hiebel N, Rabe M, Geiser F, Ernstmann N
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf457)

Personal protective equipment and pandemic plans as predictors of pandemic preparedness among German general practitioners – predictors for pandemic preparedness

Stöcker A, Gunkel S, Demirer I, Hoffmann J, Mause L, Ohnhäuser T, Scholten N
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf458)

Work climate in pandemic times: which burdens do physicians in primary care report? A cross-sectional study among physicians in the German outpatient sector

Hoffmann J, Mause L, Ohnhäuser T, Gunkel S, Stöcker A, Scholten N
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