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20. Deutscher Kongress für Versorgungsforschung

Deutsches Netzwerk Versorgungsforschung e. V.

06. - 08.10.2021, digital

VS12: Healthcare workers in times of COVID-19 I

Meeting Abstract (21dkvf293)

Social support and optimism as protective factors for mental health among 7,765 healthcare workers in Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic: results of the VOICE study

Schug C, Morawa E, Geiser F, Hiebel N, Beschoner P, Jerg-Bretzke L, Albus C, Weidner K, Steudte-Schmiedgen S, Borho A, Lieb M, Erim Y
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf294)

Psychosocial burden and working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany: the VOICE survey among 3,678 health care workers in hospitals

Morawa E, Schug C, Geiser F, Beschoner P, Jerg-Bretzke L, Albus C, Weidner K, Hiebel N, Borho A, Erim Y
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf295)

PRICOV-19: primary care in times of Covid-19 – GP's subjective perception of their role during the Covid-19 pandemic

Stark S, Schaubroeck E, Roos M, Burggraf L
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf296)

“...but at the end of the day, it's humanness that matters.” – An exploratory qualitative study on causes of stress in palliative care nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic

May S, Stahlhut K, Allsop M, Heinze M, Mühlensiepen F
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Meeting Abstract (21dkvf297)

COVID-19: considering palliative and end-of-life care in pandemic response teams in Germany (PallPan)

Heckel M, Klinger I, Shahda S, Junghanß C, Kriesen U, Ostgathe C
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