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German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery (DKOU 2018)

23.10. - 26.10.2018, Berlin

GF17 Biomechanics and movement analysis

Meeting Abstract (GF17-356)

Does intramedullary grafting increase stability of plated proximal humerus fractures?

Gueorguiev B, Rusimov L, Zderic I, Enchev D, Rashkov M, Hadzhinikolova M, Richards G, Baltov A
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Meeting Abstract (GF17-246)

Distal femoral rotational osteotomy to correct femoral antetorsion leads to an increased peak pressure on the medial aspect of the patella

Voss A, von Deimling C, Otto A, Willinger L, Kellner R, Imhoff AB, Burgkart R, Liska F
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Meeting Abstract (GF17-272)

Intrarater-reliability of different RSA methods: a retrospective analysis of clinical RSA for total hip arthroplasty

Xu J, Cao H, Sesselmann S, Forst R, Seehaus F
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Meeting Abstract (GF17-468)

Repair of meniscal ramp lesions might overconstrain the knee – results of a biomechanical study

Pfeiffer T, Naendrup JH, Nagai K, Shafizadeh S, Debski R, Musahl V
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Meeting Abstract (GF17-535)

Talar motion is constrainted by tricortical screw fixation of the syndesmosis: a cadaveric robotic study

Pfeiffer T, Naendrup JH, Murphy C, Patel N, Hogan MV, Debski R, Musahl V
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Meeting Abstract (GF17-373)

Does bone cement augmentation increase the fixation strength and cut-out resistance of TFNA helical blades and screws?

Gueorguiev B, Zderic I, Gehweiler D, Wahl D, Khatchadourian R, Scherrer S, Sermon A
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Meeting Abstract (GF17-214)

Influence of the reaming diameter on failure loads of human femora

Schmitz N, Gehweiler D, Wähnert D, Zderic I, Grünwald L, Richards G, Gueorguiev B, Raschke MJ
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