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German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery (DKOU 2017)

24.10. - 27.10.2017, Berlin

Wissenschaftliche Themen
IN27 Varia – research

Meeting Abstract (IN27-450)

Comparing dGEMRIC and clinical outcome 6 years after FAI surgery with versus without microfracturing: A prospective, controlled pilot study

Schmaranzer F, Haefeli P, Hanke M, Werlen S, Siebenrock KA, Tannast M, Büchler L
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-442)

Do dGEMRIC and T2 imaging correlate with histologic cartilage degeneration? An experimental ovine FAI model

Schmaranzer F, Arendt L, Zurmühle C, Lerch T, Nuss K, Kircher P, von Rechenberg B, Tannast M
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-1050)

Antibiotic prophylaxis with cefuroxime: influence of duration on infection rate with staphylococcus aureus in an open fracture model

Pützler J, Arens D, Metsemakers WJ, Zeiter S, Kuehl R, Richards RG, Raschke M, Moriarty TF
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-518)

Overexpression of human DKK1 via rAAV stimulates the chondrogenic differentiation processes

Venkatesan JK, Rey-Rico A, Frisch J, Madry H, Cucchiarini M
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-351)

Ex vivo evaluation of cartilage regeneration strategies: Effect of cell type and oxygen concentration in full-thickness defects

Ehlicke F, Buß A, Schwab A, Walles H
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-1135)

Autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis combined with autologous adipose stem cells (LIPO-Amic): surgical technique and an eighteen pilot patients report

Sciarretta FV
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-824)

MR imaging after cartilage reconstruction with autologous matrix induced chondrogenesis (AMIC)

Walther M, Gottschalk O, Baumbach S, Röser A
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Meeting Abstract (IN27-415)

Electrical stimulation improves bone tissue engineering treatment

Leppik L, Han Z, Pindur L, Slavici A, Henrich D, Barker JH
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