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German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery (DKOU 2017)

24.10. - 27.10.2017, Berlin

Wissenschaftliche Themen
IN26 Arthroplasty and revision arthroplasty – hip revision

Meeting Abstract (IN26-1263)

Is dual mobility total hip arthroplasty associated with an increased risk of revision for infection? Matched cohort of 231 dual mobility cups and 231 Fixed cups

Prudhon JL, Desmarchelier R, Hamadouche M, Delaunay C, Verdier R
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-1257)

Low friction arthroplasty and dual mobility cup: a new gold standard

Prudhon JL, Verdier R, Caton J
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-1199)

Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty using Acetabular Reconstruction Cage

Taheriazam A, Safdari F
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-1072)

Femoral hip revision arthroplasty using a modular hexagonal uncemented stem in femoral Paprosky type 3 defects – clinical and radiographic results of 51 cases

Acker V, Ebeling A, Reichert J, von Rottkay E, Nöth U, Rackwitz L
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-452)

Total femur replacement in no tumoral patients follow up of five patients

Caviglia H, Douglas Price A, Cambiaggi G, Vatani N, Galatro G
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-1389)

Patient outcome after total femur replacement. A single center retrospective analysis of indication, complication and outcome

Graulich T, Omar M, Weber-Spickschen S, Krettek C, Panzica M
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-207)

Positive culture during reimplantation negatively affects the outcome in two-stage exchange arthroplasty

Winkler T, Müller M, Garbe A, Perka C, Trampuz A, Akgün D
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-194)

Primary foci of hematogenous periprosthetic joint infections: an analysis of 70 consecutive episodes

Rakow A, Akgün D, Schütz M, Perka C, Trampuz A, Renz N
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Meeting Abstract (IN26-16)

Lower limb reconstruction in tumor patients using modular silver-coated megaprostheses with regard to perimegaprosthetic joint infection – a case series including 100 patients a review of the literature

Schmolders J, Koob S, Pennekamp P, Wirtz DC, Placzek R, Strauß AC
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