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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2015)

20.10. - 23.10.2015, Berlin

Wissenschaftliche Themen
IN29 Sports medicine

Meeting Abstract (IN29-1251)

Treatment of knee dislocation: Does it have to be a graft?

Krismer A, Ahmad SS, Kohl S
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Meeting Abstract (IN29-363)

The rate, type, and quantification of the intraoperative contamination of the anterior cruciate ligament autografts

Alomar A
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Meeting Abstract (IN29-381)

Long term results after ACL reconstruction. A meta-analysis

Jenny JY, Besse J, Diesinger Y
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Meeting Abstract (IN29-1332)

Comparison of effects of kinesiotaping, injection and exercise therapies on functionality and life quality in subacromial impingement syndrome

Oktas B, Vergili O, Karabulut E, Daglar B, Serbest S
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Meeting Abstract (IN29-1298)

End range plantar flexion strength is correlated to Achilles tendon resting angle in Achilles tendon rupture cases

Hurmeydan OM, Kilicoglu O, Valiyev N, Sahinkaya T
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Meeting Abstract (IN29-576)

Flexor tenosynovectomy and microsurgical epineurectomy in open carpal tunnel release

Duman S, Sahin V, Yildirim T, Sofu H, Camurcu Y, Saygili H, Ucpunar H, Gursu S
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Meeting Abstract (IN29-1293)

Defect filling, rehabilitation, scaffold degradation and repair characteristics after implantation of primary chondrocytes and bone marrow cells on a 3Dprinted co-polymer scaffold

Slynarski K, Widuchowski W, Weiss W, Guidoux J, Wilson C, Jong de W, Hendriks J, Verdonk P
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