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27th German Cancer Congress Berlin 2006

German Cancer Society (Frankfurt/M.)

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Response after Neoadjuvant Therapy

Meeting Abstract (OP598)

Effectiveness of pretherapeutic gene expression profiling in prediction of tumor response and disease free survival after preoperative 5FU based chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer (UICC stage II/III)

Ghadimi BM, Liersch T, Grade M, Varma S, Simon R, Diflippantonio M, Füzesi L, Langer C, Hess C, Ried T, Becker H
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Meeting Abstract (OP599)

Clinical Impact of assessment of histopathological response by residual tumor cell quantification in patients with neoadjuvant treated esophageal squamous cell carcinomas (ESCC)

Brücher B, Becker K, Lordick F, Fink U, Sarbia M, Busch R, Molls M, Höfler H, Siewert JR
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Meeting Abstract (OP600)

Histopathological Response After Neoadjuvant Radiochemotherapy In Rectal Carcinoma Is Associated With Improved Overall Survival

Rosenberg R, Nekarda H, Zimmermann F, Becker K, Lordick F, Höfler H, Molls M, Siewert JR
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Meeting Abstract (OP601)

The thymidylate synthase promoter polymorphism and prognosis in neoadjuvant treated and primarily resected advanced gastric cancer patients

Keller G, Ott K, Marton N, Vogelsang H, Becker K, Schuhmacher C, Novotny A, Lordick F, Höfler H, Siewert JR
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Meeting Abstract (OP602)

Phase II study of dose-intensive chemotherapy with adriamycin and ifosfamide followed by high-dose ICE with PSCT in locally advanced soft tissue sarcomas

Hartmann JT, Brugger W, Mergenthaler HG, Aebert H, Bokemeyer C, Königsrainer A, Rudert M, De Zwart PM, Budach W, Kanz L
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Meeting Abstract (OP603)

Local control and progression free survival of 122 pts with high-risk soft tissue sarcomas (HR-STS) after previously inadequate surgery treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy ± regional hyperthermia (RHT)

Issels R, Lindner LH, Schlemmer M, Hohenberger P, Wust P, Schmidt M, Verweij J, Judson I, Jauch KW, Hiddemann W
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Meeting Abstract (PO604)

Assessment of Metabolic Response to Preoperative Short Course Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: Value of F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography

Siegel R, Dresel S, Gebauer B, Hünerbein M, Koswig S, Schlag PM
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Meeting Abstract (PO605)

Downstaging, sphincter preservation and tumour regression grading in patients with rectal cancer treated with preoperative radiochemotherapy–first results of interdisciplinary treatment in Wiesbaden

Mücke R, Fisseler-Eckhoff A, Lochhas G, Lorenz D, Houf M, Link KH, Prott FJ
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Meeting Abstract (PO606)

Sphincter preservation after pre-operative chemo-radiotherapy in patients with low rectal cancer

Besendörfer M, Grabenbauer G, Matzel K, Hohenberger W
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