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27th German Cancer Congress Berlin 2006

German Cancer Society (Frankfurt/M.)

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Psychologic Issues

Meeting Abstract (OP564)

Developing a questionnaire measure of “patient competence” in the context of oncology: A multi-centre-study

Giesler JM, Weis J
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Meeting Abstract (OP565)

Can Trained Oncologists be Effective? Clinical Implementation of an Oncologists´ Training Program with a Screening-for-Intervention Instrument in Psychooncology (SIPS)

Pouget-Schors D, Gündel H, Sellschopp A
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Meeting Abstract (OP566)

How to treat Fear of progression (FOP)? – Results of a randomized evaluation study

Berg P, Duran G, Engst-Hastreiter U, Henrich G, Waadt S, Herschbach P
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Meeting Abstract (OP567)

Quality of life of children, adolescence and adults with cancer and their realtives. Results of the ambulant rehabilitation

Kröger L, Bullinger M, Karadag B, Brennecke M, Heinemann C, vor der Horst T
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Meeting Abstract (OP568)

Long term course of mental disorders in cancer patients

Rösner C, Bringmann H, Krauß O
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Meeting Abstract (PO569)

Different diagnostic procedures concerning psychological support of oncologic in-patients

Ihrig A, Brechtel A, Fischer C, Keller M
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Meeting Abstract (PO570)

The mental situation of spouses of laryngectomees

Meyer A, Singer S, Wollbrück D, Danker H, Hesse S, Schwarz R
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Meeting Abstract (PO571)

Effects of an art therapy for cancer patients – first results

Götze H, Buttstädt M, Singer S, Böhler US
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Meeting Abstract (PO572)

Basic documentation in psycho-oncology. Development and psychometric validation of two specific tools: a) PO-Bado-Mamma - a breast cancer specific version and b) PO-Bado-KF - a short form

Marten-Mittag B, Huber B, Pirker C, Mussel M, Keller M, Herschbach P
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Meeting Abstract (PO573)

Satisfaction of cancer patients during radiotherapy

Pirker C, Berg P, Emrich M, Geinitz H, Henrich G, Sehlen S, Herschbach P
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Meeting Abstract (PO574)

A Documentation Form for the Psycho-Oncolocigal Service: PO-Bado/L

Mussell M, Marten-Mittag B, Herschbach P, Keller M
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Meeting Abstract (PO575)

Need for psychooncological support: Implementation of a structured assessment procedure within daily routine at the Heidelberg Comprehensive Cancer Center (NCT)

Keller M
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Meeting Abstract (PO576)

Sceening for prostate cancer related anxiety and distress: The Memorial Anxiety Scale for Prostate Cancer (MAX-PC)

Mehnert A, Lehmann C, Schulte T, Koch U
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Meeting Abstract (PO577)

Gender specific differences in coping strategies in women and men with breast cancer

Goeckenjan M, Schöndorf-Holland E, Schlehe B, Schmidt C, Stammer H, Sohn Ch
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Meeting Abstract (PO579)

Dimensions of psychosocial care needs of cancer patients at the beginning of a radiation therapy

Fischbeck S, Budischewski K
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Meeting Abstract (PO580)

Health related Quality of life, mood states, and the need for psychosocial care of cancer patients awaiting radiotherapy

Budischewski K, Fischbeck S
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Meeting Abstract (PO581)

Decision-making on whether to use pharmacodiagnostic tests for cancer treatment selection

Wegwarth O, Gigerenzer G, Kurzenhäuser S, Scholl W
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Meeting Abstract (PO582)

The Online Core Curriculum in Psycho-Oncology of the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) and the European School of Oncology (ESO)

Mehnert A, Koch U
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Meeting Abstract (PO583)

Psychosocial and information needs of cancer patients´ relations and supportive effects of client-centered information - User survey of the German Cancer Information Service (KID)

Gaisser A, Wilcke S, Edler L, Gebest HJ
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Meeting Abstract (PO584)

Prostate cancer: Psychological strain, life quality and partnership

Regenberg A, Hollweck R, Thamm R, Molls M, Tunner W, Herschbach P
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Meeting Abstract (PO585)

Psychooncological screening of cancer patients - bridging the gap between bench and bedside

Sommerfeldt S, Brechtel A, Fischer C, Keller M
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Meeting Abstract (PO586)

Coping with Work After Cancer – Diagnosis of Health-Related Variables Influencing the Medical and Occupational Rehabilitation (MBO) of Oncological Patients

Gaspar M, Heitzmann B
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Meeting Abstract (PO587)

Need for psycho-oncological intervention: differences between glioblastoma patients and their relatives

Koch D, Kohlhof H, Fischbeck S
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Meeting Abstract (PO588)

Operated - and then (not) left alone - Experiences with the psychosocial follow-up option on breast cancer patients

Schwickerath J, Reuter E, Rehse B, Schneider B
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Meeting Abstract (PE589)

Breast cancer – Do seminaries promote patient-authority?

Reuter E, Schwickerath J, Rehse B, Schneider B
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Meeting Abstract (PE590)

Results of a discrimination analysis between patients with breast- and colon carcinoma

Kröz M, Reif M, Zerm R, von Laue B, Brauer D, Heckmann C, Debus M, Bartsch C
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Meeting Abstract (PE591)

Psychooncology: Determination of the need for psychotherapeutic care during in-patient rehabilitation

Rogge A, Rogge H
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Meeting Abstract (PE593)

Integration of psycho-oncological diagnostics during cancer treatment within the context of tumorboard meetings at a comprehensive cancer centre*

Huber B, Heussner P, Henrich G, Siewert K, Pirker C, Herschbach P, Sellschopp A
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Meeting Abstract (PE594)

Relationship between physician empathy and anxiety in patients with bronchial, esophagus, colorectal, breast, prostate and skin cancer

Neumann M, Pfaff H
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Meeting Abstract (PE595)

“Back to normality!” - Psychosocial distress of cancer survivors

Brechtel A, Fischer C, Keller M
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Meeting Abstract (PE596)

Kinesiology in the supportive care of patients with breast cancer - A pilot scheme

Beckmann K, Vieten D, Lux MP, Kind-Winkler U, Fasching PA, Beckmann MW
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Meeting Abstract (PE597)

Inpatient rehabilitation after allogenic HSCT - Experiences after 3 years with a structured Group-Program

Birmele M, Mumm A, Weis J
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